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The journey of MBA begins with aspiration and gets realised through perspiration. These two terms are central to all aspirants who dream of doing an MBA and becoming successful business executives.


All success stories begin with aspirations. Aspirations are the dreams and ambition that drives a person to achieve something. Aspirations reflect a person’s personality and thought process. They provide a sense of purpose to the person and give immense joy once they are fulfilled. All MBA aspirants aspire to get into one of the top business schools as that will give them the best chance to find attractive placement opportunities and the training and exposure to become the best in the industry.

1. Passion- Just like everything else, one needs to be passionate about his/her aspirations as well. Passion should be the driving force that dictates what one aspires to be. In the absence of passion, aspirations would remain unfulfilled.

2. Be realistic- Aspirations cannot be unrealistic. The very purpose of aspiring to do something is to, one day, achieve it. In childhood, one aspires to be multiple things at the same time, a doctor, a scientist, an engineer, an officer in the army and so on. This is because one is free of all external influences that shape one’s life in childhood and the ability to rationalise is still at a nascent stage. As one grows up, one realises the need to temper these aspirations and align it with reality. One realises that one cannot be everything at the same time and needs to focus on that which one really wants.

3. Chart out a path- Aspirations don’t mean anything if you do not frame a strategy or identify the path leading to your dreams. In the absence a proper and concrete strategy, your dreams will remain just that-dreams, instead of turning into reality. The strategy you draw for yourself should align with your skills and concentration levels and should be tailor made for your requirements. Others should not influence how you go about meeting your targets.

Aspirations if worked can be fulfilled


Perspiration is the hard work and sweat that a person puts in to achieve what he/ she aspires for. Without hard work there will always remain a gap between desiring something and fulfilling those desires. All great and successful achievers have, at some point or the other in their lives, toiled hard and burnt the midnight oil to achieve their goals. For instance, Steve Jobs toiled hard in a garage to give shape to a behemoth like Apple. MBA aspirants need to be prepared to put in the hard yards in order to crack the CAT exam, which is one of the toughest exam in India, certainly the toughest management exam in the country. The amount of hard work and smart work the aspirants put in directly equates with their performance in the exam.

To reach the pinnacle of business, both aspiration and perspiration are required in equal measure. Ambition shall remain unfulfilled without being backed up perspiration. The more you work hard, the closer you will get to your ambition.

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