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On April 14, 2012 evening , a thought provoking annual business meet was  Organized by FORE School Of Management, New Delhi.  

Theme :  Corporate India 2020: Competition; Innovations and Strategies  
To deliberate further Sub-Themes were added :  
•Corporate India: Competitive Scenario
•India’s growth story through Innovations and Strategies
•Developing Indian Entrepreneurship Ecosystem 
Eminent speakers from corporate like Mr. R.C. Bhargava, Chairman, Maruti Suzuki Ltd, Mr. Mohit Goyal, Founder-Director, Indian Angel Network , Mr.Bharat Wakhlu, Resident Director, TATA Services spoke on Corporate India 2020: Competition; Innovations and Strategies   
“Attitude and  mind set will have to be changed with better governance , development through transparency in regulation, learn how to team together and don’t create silos” these were the golden words and top line message from Mr. R C Bhargava,Chairman, Maruti Suzuki Ltd
He further emphasized that we, as country have to go for holistic growth in manufacturing sector and need to carry on with same growth trajectory in service & IT sectors.
Mr Bhargava concluded that we do have scarcity of good leaders or second line is not ready to take over. We must ensure that we must work towards achievement with vision of achieving highest while competing globally on all parameters of quality.
Mr.Bharat Wakhlu, Resident Director, TATA Services spoke in lucid manner & vouched for innovations and R & D. He cited many examples of TATA companies which came forward with approach of sustainable growth in the country and provided a sort of infrastructure to the society.
Mr. Wakhlu strongly suggested that we must listen and encourage views from the junior most in an organization as that will give birth to innovate at organization because of shear fact that this junior most knows the ground reality.  At TATA , we give immense encouragement to all those who try & fail but we have award for them with “Dare To Succeed “ signature memento as that reminds all to continue with efforts  till you succeed !
Mr Wakhlu concluded that we must pass on baton to young India but ensure that they are ready to take on responsibility so we must develop Enterprising eco system within our society, organizations and in our country. Change now, we know what is ailing us, companies can’t live in past, they have to create new horizon with clear vision of competitive quality with global standards. 
Mr. Mohit Goyal, Founder-Director, Indian Angel Network spoke with simple straight message that we must prepare , develop our own  Indian Entrepreneurship Ecosystem wherein failures must not be discussed but only & only success stories are repeated. 
He said, we must not ape west rather we have our own motivational way of looking at entrepreneurial day to day life. We in India have enterprising daily wage workers who are the best examples to look beyond small success.
He concluded that we must encourage start up organisations and regulatory authorities can incentivize and waive off certain clauses to encourage them. Failures are first step for building empires provided failures have been worked upon.  We are heading towards mission achievement and within a decade we all will be competing with west on abundance of services which we can offer to world!
In his summarizing remarks for the meet Dr Jitendra K Das, Director, FORE School of Management spoke that  it is a high time that both academia and corporate come together to foster new era of entrepreneurship which should be inculcated at B school level and for youngsters who go for their own ventures must be given encouragement. We at FORE school of Management have adapted business cases through context relevant teaching.
For reading such stories on corporate events being conducted by FORE , stay tuned to MBARendezvous.com