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The third day of the 25th IAJBS World Forum was continued from where it left. Dr. S. Peppin, Academic Dean, Xavier School of Sustainability, gave a summary of the proceedings of the second day of the conference, which was followed by the fourth panel discussion. The theme for the discussion was “Sustainable Community Systems & Peace” and the panel comprised Ms. Rubina Sen (Senior Coordinator, GRI South Asia & DFAT Programme Manager), Mr. R.Elango (Managing Trustee, Trust for Village Self Governance), and moderated by Dr. Nadarajah Manickam (Chair Professor, Xavier Centre for Humanities & Compassion Studies, XUB). Ms Rubina shared her thoughts on the theme, through the perspective of GRI, as to what are the things one can contemplate upon while Mr Elango shared his opinion on how independency can only be achieved by nurturing village Panchayat level self-sustenance and self-sufficiency by developing democratic and organic growth among villages all over the country, as villages are the back bone of India and villages are the place where the system of ‘community’ exists. Taking the session forward, Dr. Nadarajah summarised the thoughts and ideas shared by the two dignitaries, followed by an enriching and interactive session with the audience.

IAJBS World Forum

The next panel discussion was opened by Mr. Tony Henshaw, Chief Sustainability Officer, Aditya Birla Group, who, with Dr. Pradeep Mehta, Managing Trustee, and Honorary Chairman, Central Himalayan Institute for Nature and Applied Research (CHINAR) discussed the theme ‘Impact of Technological Transformation’. Mr. Tony Henshaw started by introducing the topic ‘Building Sustainable Businesses’ in a globalized world with a complicated system of payments and businesses based on complex technology. He mentioned the exponential growth of the human population and the need to figure out how to manage the ‘epicentre’ situation. Dr. Pradeep Mehta pointed that inefficient trade laws need to be replaced by efficient and effective sustainability laws. He quoted an example to make the audience understand what a legacy trap is.

There were a few others equally vital and enthusiastic panel discussions going on simultaneously which were moderated by world renowned professors affiliated to the prestigious Jesuit B-School fraternity.

The first sub-theme for the day was ‘Impact of Technological Transformation’ and this parallel session was moderated by Dr. Vivek H. Patil, Professor of Marketing, School of Business Administration, Gonzaga University, USA, who also happened to be the first presenter. Dr. Bishnu Prasad Mishra, Professor, Finance, XIMB, India, Dr. Bhaskar Mondal, Asst. Professor, Xavier School of Computer Science and Engineering, XUB, India, Dr. Arun Kumar Paul, Professor, Operations Management, XIMB, India, also presented their reports based on varied concepts.


The second cluster had five different sessions concluded by various professors from a set of institutions who presented their views on varied sub-topics that were aligned to the main theme of the session.

Dr. Elena Lvina, Associate Professor, Management Department, E.K. Haub School of Business, Saint Joseph’s University, USA was the chair for the cluster and the speakers who presented their analysis were Fr. Joshy K X, S.J., Xavier School of Computer Science and Engineering, XUB, India, Dr. Mousumi Das, Assistant Professor, Xavier School of Economics, XUB, India, Dr. Rakesh P. Badoni, Xavier School of Computer Science and Engineering, XUB, India, Dr. Gregory W. Ulferts, Professor in Decision and Systems Sciences of the College of Business Administration, University of Detroit Mercy, Michigan, USA.

The session chair, Dr. Marinilka Barros Kimbro, Albers School of Business & Economics, Seattle University, USA set the agenda for the second parallel sub-session on the theme of "Regional and Global Sustainability Approaches" and called upon Dr. C. Clovis de Melo Cavalheiro, S.J., Ph.D. student in Administration at UNIVALI Research on Social Entrepreneurship, Brazil, Dr. Suzete Antonieta Lizote, Brazil,  Dr. Sudeep B. Chandramana, Associate Prof. & HOD, MACFAST, Kerala, Mr.Abinav Verma, Xavier School of Sustainability, (XSoS), XUB, India to present their research papers which were based on the theme.

IAJBS World Forum XUB

The moderator of the parallel sub-session discussion, Dr Chandan Jha, Asst. Professor, Madden School of Business, Le Moyne College, USA continued the objective for the conference over the theme of "Regional & Global Sustainability Approaches " and introduced Dr. Subhra Pattnaik, Lecturer, Xavier School of Human Resource Management, XUB, India, Ms. Roma Patro, Xavier School of Sustainability, (XSoS), XUB, India, Dr. Suresh Kumar Patra, Lecturer, Xavier School of Economics, XUB, India; Dr. Plavini Punyatoya, Asst. Professor, Marketing, XIMB, India and Ms Soumya Rani Gauda, Research Scholar, Xavier School of Sustainability (XSoS), XUB. The speakers were called upon to present their research paper and provide us with valuable inputs.


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