Published : Saturday, 24 June, 2017 11:50 AM

IIM Raipur 

2nd day Orientation for 8th batch at IIM Raipur 

Students inducted with Corporate Expectations

The second day of the orientation program, 23rd June 2017, exposed the students to the real world they would step in two years from now.

The day started with a yoga session by Dr. Siddhi Sharma who highlighted the dire need to balance various aspects of life among the new generation. In the highly fast world of today, health as a priority is been neglected by turning a blind eye to the consequences. There is a need to promote harmony between the mind and the body and make yoga an integral part of life as it has colossal benefits.

After the yoga session, The Alumni Committee of IIM Raipur organised an interaction session with Alumni, giving them an overall perspective on what they can expect in these two years and guiding them on how to manage time and expectations for the best experience of PGP program at IIM Raipur.

IIM Raipur 

Mr. Tarang Singhal, 2013 class of IIM-Raipur on video conference shared that he was happy that the institute is shaping up quite well and there has been a good vibe surrounding IIM Raipur in the corporate world. He largely credited this success to the efforts of students, student bodies and faculty members. He further said, “It is more about performing to the best of your ability on things you are passionate about. MBA is about broadening your mindset and looking at things from various perspectives. One last piece of advice – Find your own feet, don’t follow the herd”

Dushyant Panda, student of 2013-15 Batch suggested the first-year students to focus on the various case studies and corporate competitions, and learn from the enriching experience. He advised students to be a part of clubs and committees, which will open up various opportunities and challenges. IIM Raipur will provide a platform to try new things.

Aleena Chisti, student of 2014-16 Batch, boosted the confidence of the upcoming batch by saying “You get a chance of initiate a lot of things. Being a young institute, you have the opportunity as well as the responsibility to shape up the culture of IIM Raipur.” Revathi, student of 2012-14 batch said that “The way two years are going to be way you want them to be. Be open to your choices and be active.”

IIM Raipur 

Dr. PRS Sarma, Chairman (PGP), interacted with the students and motivated them. His interaction structured on four aspects- the reason of pursuing PGP from IIM Raipur, the expectations of students from the program, and the expectation of the Institute and industry from the future managers. “We are here to take something, and this something will vary from individual to individual. It is essential that you introspect and the clarity will increase as you traverse the journey from Term-1 to Term-6. Unless you have a roadmap and objective, it will get tough to achieve what you aspire.” He gave a 3D formula - Discipline which will lead to Devotion, which in turn will lead to dedication for your work. Sense of responsibility is the most important thing; future managers need to inculcate.

For making students familiar with the current expectations of the corporates from the budding managers, a Panel Discussion on ‘Expectations of the Corporate from New Managers’ was organised. The students were privileged to have inputs from the esteemed panel which included Mr. Parikshit Sharma, Vice President, JWT; Mr. Sarthak Ranade, V.P., Mass Market & Immunology, Janssen India and Mr. Satish Mittal, CTO, Vodafone. The enlightening discussion covered diversified fortes, which enabled the students to see the reality.

IIM Raipur 

Mr. Parikshit Sharma, Vice President, JWT enlightened the students about the new journey they are about to embark in a B school. He said “Corporate Life works with attitude and discipline. You should learn to stand up even after failures. It is about the attitude to keep working and being resilient to stand up for the work you do. People, who are ready to take up roles and responsibilities are the ones who succeed. It is important for a future manager to have a vision. The passion for work, the precision, ownership and inquisitiveness for details are the fundamentals for success, irrespective of the specialisation and profession one pursues.”

Mr. Sarthak Ranade, Vice President, Mass Market & Immunology, Janssen India said “There has been growing transparency in the Indian Business and we are getting more and more compliant.” He appreciated the efforts of the Indian government from changing the economy from an exception-based regime to rule-based regime. Speaking on the skills required for future managers, he added, “The skills and competencies which are required from the future managers can’t be specified in the present scenario. The success for mantra is not individual brilliance. It is less about competition and more about collaboration. High ethics and morality standard are the most important values that the corporate banks upon and that is expected of all future managers.”

Mr. Satish Mittal, Chief Technology Officer, Vodafone explained the budding managers that life is changing around. We are in a nexus of forces - Mobile, Social and Analytics. To survive in this dynamic and fast-moving world, four elements are very necessary: reimagining yourself, innovating, disrupting and creating new products.  It is important to keep reimagining the world where you live and how it is going to be in the future. Business models are changing regularly. He illustrated with the example of change from Televisions to personalized shows on apps, from physical books to Kindle. The competition is not going from the traditional competitors. Competition landscape is completely changing. It is about creating something which didn’t exist. He explained with the examples of Ola, Uber and mobile wallets. The future managers need to think of creating a new product and create a new industry.

IIM Raipur 

This was followed by an interactive session where students posed their doubts to the industry experts. The queries ranged from how companies decide which product to advertise to how has the industry changed. Also, the young minds were eager to seek the qualities industry is looking for them to imbibe when they enter the corporate world.

The panel discussion was followed by interaction with Prof. Satyasiba Das, Chairperson, Corporate Relations, gave them an overview regarding the role of corporate relations and how they can enrich themselves through corporate interaction, guest lectures and corporate summits organised by the institute.

The 2nd day of the orientation programme completed with the interaction with Prof Vinita Sahay, chairperson, International Relations. Speaking on International Exchange Program, she said, “Travelling is a far more interesting and potent way of teaching. Spending an entire course in a different country with a diverse group of students is an altogether different experience.” International Relations, IIM Raipur, has increased the partner university base from 9 to 18 in the last academic year and plans to aggressively pitch in for more universities across Europe, US and ASEAN countries in the following years to come. With the current partner network International Relations has the capacity to facilitate close to one third of the batch size for the student exchange.

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