8th International Conference on Sustainability

8th International Conference on Sustainability

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IIM Shillong has established itself as a distinctive institute of higher learning due to its thrust on Sustainability. This is reflected in the integration on inputs on Sustainability in our various academic and corporate programmes, and also in design of the course contents and workshop modules as well as the innovative pedagogy that experiments with alternative methods of learning. The International Sustainability Conference (SUSCON) of IIM Shillong, a prime vehicle of this Sustainability movement, offers a global platform for dialogues and deliberations on various aspects of Sustainability thorough Reflections and Research from various cross sections of global participants including academics, business leaders, NGOs, social activists and entrepreneurs, bureaucrats and Government officials, policy makers, environmentalists and students/researchers.

Over the years, plethora of eminent scholars and experts have shared their valuable insights on various aspects of Sustainability. SUSCON has been blessed with the presence of Bharat Ratna Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, former President of India, and Padma Bhushan Dr. Sundarlal Bahuguna and Jadab Payeng, the Forest Man of India, as our Chief Guests.

Intense involvement in the movement for Sustainability at IIM Shillong for a decade has opened up new doors of perception and ushered in us fresh insights into the theme and the process. One significant revelation has come from the critique of the global sustainability movement for over two decades. There have been some powerful voices against the overall effectiveness and impact of Rio movement spaced 20 years between Rio summit and the Rio+20 summits. The hard truth has now dawned in the realization of many thinkers and practitioners that Sustainability is not a matter of calculations, publicity gimmick or temporary engagement. If the academic and business community as well as the Government, NGOs and civil society groups are really serious about the issue of Sustainability then one must delve into the exploration of the very roots from where the concern for Sustainability emerges. The source of all Sustainability springs forth from the minds and hearts of responsible and conscientious human beings and the enlightened minds of the visionary leadership in any field of endeavour who think clearly, feel nobly and act rightly. Otherwise the tryst with Sustainability vanishes into the blue within a short time especially in the face of adverse economic realities and sharp criticism from the strong advocates of market economy and bottom-line priorities. It is the power of inner conviction and inspiration that keeps the movement of Sustainability going and growing against these formidable ‘pragmatic’ forces that champion the cause of techno-economic development following the gospel of linear and undifferentiated growth. It compels us to engage in continuous improvement and innovation of new processes and creative methods beyond the stereotyped mainstream formulae to resolve the problematic issues around Sustainability covering its multiple dimensions – individual, organizational, social, environmental, cultural, global, spiritual and planetary. The individual consciousness thus spreads from the domain of micro issues and local concerns to embrace the macro level in the global arena. The philosophy of Enlightened Self-Interest and practice of expansion and transformation of consciousness ‘From Me to We’ thus becomes a reality.

IIM Shillong is happy to announce its next International Sustainability Conference (SUSCON VIII) during March 5-7, 2020. The conference will weave around the theme: Holism, Harmony, Happiness.

The first two days of the conference will be spent on deliberations and 3rd day will see the launch of

Action Ground Zero: Regenerating the Sacred Forests of Meghalaya.

Holism, Harmony, Happiness

In a world where digital connectivity of humans is being increasingly challenged by strife, and violence between countries, cultures, religions and even small ethnic and interest groups the need of the hour for global as well as local leadership in each domain of human endeavour (academics, business, government, civil society groups and multilateral organizations etc.) to cultivate the art and science of developing holistic vision and perception that leads to inclusion of and integration with the ‘others’ and not fuel the vicious fire of hatred and separatism.

Once this holistic mind of the leaders is able to see the reality in its totality, it is possible to strive for achieving harmony among the different parts by removing the formidable roadblocks to inclusion and integration. “Matter divides, spirit unites.” (Sri Aurobindo) This quest for harmony is essentially a journey of ‘Spirit’ or Consciousness that begins with the individual and gradually expands across family, community, organization, community, nations and the planet at large. Differences still remain but now appear as diversity like flowers in a garden against the background of unity of human beings with fellow beings, nature and cosmos in spirit.

Finally the outcome of this journey is a state of happiness in the mental domain of the people of the world cutting across all boundaries and denominations where love, compassion, empathy and peace may prevail to make way for a better tomorrow. When asked what is his vision of India in the new millennium the legendary Tata patriarch J R D Tata had smiled and given the simplest possible answer that could come from him only: “I want to see a Happy India.” Not only India but the global citizenry is waiting for this Happiness to dawn and bless us all. But that does not come so easy. We need to question our worn out beliefs, conventional notions of progress and development, of success and failure to evolve creative and approaches that will build a sane and more wholesome future which will promise our posterity peace, happiness and a better quality of life.


  1. Re-imagining the Future of Business
  2. Re-imagining the Future of Management Education
  3. Re-imagining the Future of Mainstream Economics
  4. Re-imagining Man-Nature relationship
  5. Re-imagining the Notion of Sustainability


Only online submissions will be accepted. Click Here to Submit Online


Deadline for Full Paper Submission :                             15th December, 2019

Notification of Acceptance of Full Paper:                       15th January, 2020

Deadline for Early Registration:                                    15th February, 2020


Selected papers will be published in the conference proceedings by a publisher of international repute.




(Before 15th February 2020)

(After 15th February 2020)

Research Scholars:

INR 4500

INR 5500

Academic participants:

INR 5000

INR 6000

Corporate participants:

INR 7000

INR 8000

International participants:

USD 200

USD 250

*Registration fees include passes to all the programme sessions, programme kit, working lunch, programme dinner, refreshment during programme .


Online remittance to SBI Savings Bank Account Name: IIM SUSCON,

Branch: Laitumkhrah, Shillong Account No. 34767389897 IFS Code: SBIN0002081.

(Kindly submit the proof of remittance details for confirmation of registration)


Shillong is a popular tourist destination and has good number of hotels across the town. Assistance will be provided to registered participants for accommodation against payment.



Prof. Sanjeeb Kakaoty


Prof. Sanjoy Mukherjee


Prof. Tapas Kumar Giri

Conference Scientific Committee Chairman

Prof. Sanjeeb Kakaoty

Suscon VII Organising Committee Members

Prof. Achintya Kumar Sarmah Prof. Arindum Mukhopadhyay   Prof. Bidyut Jyoti Gogoi

Prof Debasisha Mishra

Prof. Mousumi Bhattacharya  Prof. Pratap Chandra Mandal Prof. Sanjita Jaipuria

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