Xavier School of Human Resource Management (XAHR), Xavier University, Bhubaneswar (XUB) conducted its annual HR Symposium at the Xavier City campus, on July 13, 2019 which was attended by students from the HRM department.

The symposium, graced by the presence of industry veterans and faculty members alike, was inaugurated by Fr. E.A. Augustine, S.J. (Registrar, XUB), who stressed on the accelerated pace of change in the field of HR over the years, owing to the ease of diffusion of information through evolved communication channels. He spoke about the two-fold metamorphosis in terms of technology, and social and legislative changes, and introduced the gathering to the idea of super jobs in the future. Dr. Andrew Dutta (Dean, XAHR) shared his insights on the pertinence of the theme, “Innovations in HR”, and gave the audience food for thought by citing several examples of existing societal assumptions which are being challenged on a daily basis.

The first panel, consisting of Mr. Antaryami Patra (Associate VP HR, CEO & HR Analytics, HCL Technologies), Mr. Harish Sharma (Group VP & Head HR, IT & Admin, Toyota Financial Services India), and Mr. Magesh Sambasivan (Head HR, Société Générale Global Solution Centre Pvt. Ltd.), moderated by Prof. Jose-Maria Aulotte (Director of Studies, Magellan Institute, France) threw light on “Impact of AI and SMAC on HR Practices”.

Mr. Patra spoke about how all core HR functions such as payroll management, performance management, talent acquisition, employee experience and so on, are fast moving to cloud based platforms. Mr. Sharma reflected on how AI and SMAC are transforming the way we interact, having an impact on organizations, businesses, and HR professionals, alike. Mr. Sambasivan highlighted the disruptions caused by technology, such as hiring, which has witnessed an increased dependence on social media; emergence of mobile phones as a popular platform for learning on the go; and the use of analytics in making predictions about employee attrition.

Consequently, the second panel, moderated by Prof. Girish Balasubramanian (Assistant Professor, XAHR), comprising Prof. Narayan Chandra Sarangi (Dean, Xavier Law School), Dr. Santanu Rath (Director HR, OMC), and Mr. Kirtyanand (Regional HR Manager, Sales HR, GSK) deliberated upon “Redefining the Social Contract between Employees and Employers”.

Prof. Sarangi emphasized the responsibility of those in power to not indulge in slavery and exploitation, and discussed the relevance of social contracts which were formulated as a response to social situations back in the day, in present times. Dr. Rath advocated the role of organizations in addressing environmental concerns and discussed social stewardship, taking ownership, and abiding by corporate governance laws. Mr. Kirtyanand shared his experiences in the FMCG sector to explain how an organizations responsibilities extend beyond what the labour laws prescibe, especially in that particular sector, where the workforce is not limited to its direct employees.

The students of XAHR, contributed to the august house by asking germane questions by virtue of juxtaposition of conceptual theories and summer internship experiences.

The panels, while appreciating the two topics of discussion, stressed on the pertinence of the themes and the importance of such professional symposiums in keeping the conversation alive.

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