Published : Monday, 21 November, 2016 04:40 PM




MICA’s annual marketing fest, MICANVAS, to be held from 18th to 20th November, 2016, kick started on Friday. The three day fest will see a plethora of events from panel discussions by imminent industry professionals, competitions, lectures, workshops, informal events and concerts. Participants from B Schools all over India arrived on campus today.

The third day of MICANVAS engaged students in an array of competitions to test their creativity and managerial skills. Competitions like Last Manager Standing, Metrotopia, UnMarketable kept students busy through the day while the student-run music committee at MICA, Studio7 set up for an evening of music with Battle of the Bands, an opportunity for young musicians across the country to showcase their talent in a bid to get noticed by the judges, Coke Studio legends, Advaita.

UnMarketable, presented participants with a challenge to try to market products from two diametrically different brands which are considered "UnMarketable" to certain target audiences. They were tasked with positioning and brand extension strategies for certain products to TGs which would never use these products. Team Technocrats from Bharathidasan Institute of Management, Trichy took away the trophy at this event, which was described as ‘fun and innovative’ by the judges.

Metrotopia, a competition judged by MICA’s very own, Professor Pravin Mishra- painter, film maker, communication designer and SiddharthAdelkar- consultant at Thoughtworks, was a fun event where participants has to come up with a superhero character based on mythology and explain how they would be relevant in modern times.

Rajat Pandey, a participating student from MICA called it, “a unique experience which involved balancing and understanding of the past in terms of mythology and coming up with the course for the future”.
Last Manager Standing had two additional rounds on Day 3, both assessing the marketing strategies of the contestants under different circumstances. Post these rounds 7 teams were eliminated. The 10 remaining participants for the finals were from MICA, IIM Shillong, SIMC, Christ and SPJIMR.

Meanwhile MTV Campus Diaries was also on campus, conducting a DanceMobFaceOff  where three teams had to battle it out on the dance floor. The event was judged by Salman Yusuff Khan of DID fame. The audience swayed to the tunes of the teams and cheered their hearts out.The winner was Paranoia.

Gamify also took place on Day 3. The event was centered around gamification which has been the most exciting addition to Micanvas '16 with the introduction of  the MICANVAS app. The CEO of Peerbits was very impressed with each team and expressed how he wished to study in an institute like MICA. Our very own professor Kallol Das who specializes in Gamification was extremely impressed and expressed how he had faith in the student community to take forward the concept of gamification forward. Winners were TeamSure! from MICA.

Student-run music committee, Studio7’s The Battle Of Bands drove the audience crazy on the evening of Day 2. Each of the bands were exceptionally great in their own performances, making it only harder for the judges. The teams were as follows - Labyrinth – Vadodara, The reasonable hope – Pune, Project Mishram – Bangalore, Teen Spirit – Ahmedabad, Udaan – Ahmedabad. They were judged by Advaita, who handed over the cash prizes of over 60000 to Project Mishram in the end.
The night didn’t end there though, Micanvas 2016 Day 2 ended on a musical high note. Advaita performed live for the audience transporting them to a musical universe. They played some of their best compositions like Mandirva and the crowd at MICA loved every minute of it. The perfect blend of flutes, tabla, taals, thrown together with the classical ragas and a pinch of western strings wrapped up what was an exceptional day and night.

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