• Creative network to be established in the Countries to link corporate and academia to explore digital technology opportunities.
  • Creation of ‘State of the art’ infrastructure to give students access to innovative digital technology, helping to boost skills and collaboration.

A new platform has been created by the Vision Digital India to accelerate digitalization, boost digital skills, promote technology, and knowledge exchange to meet the demand of digital Industry.

The launch of Universal Digital University (UDU), the first of its kind to link universities with the Digital Certification courses on Internet of Things (IoT) such as AI and Machine Learning, Analytics, Robotics, Big-Data, Design Thinking, Block Chain, Crypto Currency, APP Development, Cyber Security, Cloud computing, Ethical Hacking, Project Management, Supply chain, Agile and Scrum.

The above are seen as crucial for the future generation of leaders and students to meet the competitive business demand and employment opportunity.

Dr. Wayne Bottiger, President, Universal Digital University opines, “The reason we chose United States is because it is seen as the global brand in terms of educational opportunities along with the UK, Australia and other nations which have strong interest in providing the educational needs. In Universal Digital University, we are not competing with other universities but we are offering a service that is augmentation to them to what they are currently offering. UDU provides needed instruction in the area of digital technologies, block-chain, crypto-technologies, robotics and AI, all of the new revolutionary things that are taking place in the world and which is really
is the future of education.”

‘Universal Digital University’

Without question, digital training related activities in numerous areas are of the greatest need areas in the world today. In fact, current training and employment needs in the areas of digital marketing, block chain technology, business analytics, and crypto-technology are at alarmingl high rates with regard to global supply. Opportunities for digitally related educational opportunities are currently growing exponentially as fields of business; science and technology expand in the current “technology revolution" that is taking place.

Dr Hari Krishna Maram, Vice Chancellor, Universal Digital University and Digital Brand Ambassador, Vision Digital India opines: “This pioneering strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in our commitment to innovative technologies and progressive partnership with business. The digital revolution is transforming all parts of society, including industry, so it is vital that students and academics grasp opportunity to get the corporate experience to drive productivity and build the skills of the future."

Commenting on the same Dr. Harikishan Eppanapally Executive Board Member said, “ 

In addition to linking its estate and research assets and acting as a living lab to help equip graduates with the skills they will need in an ever increasingly digitalized industry, the Universal Digital University is also planning to invest in a bespoke space for collaboration and learning between students, local businesses and other partners. It then makes this data available to improve teaching and research collaborations between academics and industry partners, to uncover new business models and create commercial opportunities through digitalization.

Prof Song Hee Lee, Vice President Says that, the UDU has come up with its first corporate office in New Jersey and has plans to expand the reach to Silicon Valley and Atlanta. An office is opened in Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India.

Students, academics and industry partners can use this new institution to access to harness the value of the data produced from the University and the various projects connected to the cloudbased platform.

UDU in its initial phase is planning to have knowledge collaborations with 100+ universities across world to use their platform for their students to get first hand technological experience.

“UDU will be a revolutionary type of organization designed not just for the degrees but it offers short terms trainings, specialized certifications, where we learn analytics which are needed to survive in coming future. By 2030, the whole landscape of education will be entirely different from the yesterday and this is why we wanted to do this, added Dr. Bottiger, President, UDU.

The launch of the UDU starting in New Jersey, will allow students, academics and business come together in a shared digital environment to solve problems and boost productivity .The aim is to help develop the skills needed for the future, build the world class capabilities in data science across universities, enable the development of new business models and create opportunities for the entrepreneurs, technology partners, trainers and educators. 

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