IIM Rohtak celebrated its 9th Foundation Day on 16th November 2017. The keynote speaker for the day was Lt. Gen. Syed Ata Hasnain, who gave an address interspersed with humility and humor.

The Lt. Gen. warned the students about the nuisance of fake news. “A lie told 1000 times becomes the truth, and there are no proper means to combat this fake news,” he said. “The biggest contribution that IIMs can make towards the army is in communication strategy, a strategy that can make our communication stronger than Inter-Services Public Relations”, he added.

Foundation day at IIM rohtak

On being asked about the Kashmir conflict, he mentioned, “Conflict is never steady, it changes with time. We need to identify the stage in which the current conflict is and act accordingly.” “To manage the problem of the last mile, it is always prudent to go back to the people. However, before that, you need to overcome your ego.”

The Lt. Gen. recalled his days in Kashmir, “I sought to integrate Kashmir with the rest of India - economically, socially, politically and psychologically.” “When the last Kashmiri says Jai Hind, we have won the war.”

“National security alludes to comprehensive security: economical, social, human, energy and power” he said while adding, “Any phenomenon that threatens the aspirations of the people of India is also considered a threat to national security.”

Foundation day at IIM rohtak

Director IIM Rohtak, Prof. Dheeraj Sharma thanked the Lieutenant General for his graceful presence. In his address, he said, “We are members of the Institute of national importance.  There should be a larger goal to be achieved over and above the material goal. On this occasion, I urge the students to pledge to contribute to the society. The absence of long-term goal would create an ambiguity when the short-term goal is fulfilled.”

IIM Rohtak, first amongst second generation IIMs, has since its inception emphasized on research. It is second only to IIM Bangalore when it comes to the number of research publications according to NIRF. The students of IIM Rohtak have excelled in various B- School competitions including Amazon Ace, Motilal Oswal Think Equity Think QGLP Contest, Tata Steel-a-thon among others.

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