Published : Saturday, 1 October, 2016 4:10 PM

Gramotsava ’16 Launched at XIMB

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"Gramotsava 2016", the rural marketing fair organized by R-MAX, the Rural Managers’ Association of XIMB-XUB was launched at Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar on Friday. The event was organized to address the transformation of rural India through skill training. A serene song by the students of Rural Management, XIMB-XUB served as the curtain raiser for the event while Dr. Kajri Mishra, Dean-Rural Management, XIMB-XUB along with other esteemed faculties inaugurated the event by lighting the lamp.

Dr. Mishra further addressed the audience and spoke elaborately on the need for a symbiotic relationship between urban and rural India.” Rural management is about transformation, changing things for the better, doesn’t matter urban or rural”, said Dr. Mishra while emphasizing the importance of urban influence adding value to rural India and vice versa. Professor Jeevan J Arakal, a 2005 alumnus of XIMB, addressed the students on the important functions and objectives of hosting Gramotsava’ 16. 

A mesmerizing Odishi dance performance by the first year students of Rural Management added shine to the glittering evening. ”Boney Bhaina”, a tortoise, was unveiled as the official mascot of Gramotsava’16 drawing significance with the Olive Ridleys that flock the coast of Odisha. A short skit by the students on rural transformation through women empowerment was received with a hearty applause.

Gramotsava launched at XIMB | XIM Bhubaneswar | XIMB

Dhvani ’16, the official magazine of Rural Management, XIMB-XUB was unveiled by R-MAX, the theme this year being “Tapping into Rural India”.

Folk dances from different parts of India performed by the students of Rural Management enthralled the students and faculty alike. The vote of thanks was given by the coordinator of R-MAX, Satyajit Chaterjee, as the evening came to an end. XIMB-XUB prepares for a two-day excursion tomorrow into the remote villages of Odisha as part of their rural transformation mission.

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