IIM Calcutta receives a generous donation of Oxygen Concentrator from the 42nd PGP Batch

IIM Calcutta

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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The IIM Calcutta community is glad to inform that the 42 PGP batch alumni (2005-2007) has recently donated 1 unit of OWGELS[German Brand] 5L Moveable Hospital Use Oxygen concentrator to the institute. This is a safer, less expensive, and more convenient life saver and homecare medical equipment.


Dharmes Oraon, a 42nd batch alumnus passed away on 30th April 2021 due to COVID. In his loving memory, some of the 42nd PGP batch alumni came forward to donate an oxygen concentrator for the IIM Calcutta community, especially for group C&D staff and contract workers. The device will be kept at the Medical Unit of the Institute.

The oxygen concentrator has been contributed by few alumni of the 42nd PGDM batch (2005-07) namely Rajesh Waghmare, Rajeev Tejyan, Kuldip Nimje, Navneet Agarwal, Swapnil Khandekar, Sameer AH, Surabhi & Vinay Midha, Anand Kumar, Karthik Krishnan, Moumita Pramanick, Liju Mathew, Vikram Deshpande, Ashutosh Mayank, Sarvesh Naik, Animesh Singh, Arunima & Rohit, Tej Pratap,  Anuradha & Dheeraj Singh.

Recognising the increasing shortage of oxygen supply and the suffering of people from oxygen deficiency due to COVID, Dheeraj Singh of the 42nd batch alumnus recently approached Professor Manish Thakur, Dean (New Initiatives & External Relations), IIM Calcutta with the offer of an Oxygen Concentrator being present at the campus. Professor Thakur graciously accepted the proposal. “This donation of a life-saving device reiterates Institute-alumni relations. Such generous gestures on behalf of our alumni is an affirmation of the emotional connection that they have with their alma mater." said Prof. Manish Thakur.

The oxygen concentrator will be a vital addition to the institute premises keeping in mind the looming health crisis that has grappled the country.  For any potential health concern that may arise for individuals present on the institute campus, this could be a life saver.

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