IIM Kashipur celebrated its 8th Convocation Ceremony on June 30, 2021

IIM Kashipur celebrated its 8th Convocation Ceremony on June 30, 2021

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The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Kashipur virtually celebrated its eighth Convocation on June 30, 2021, owing to the current pandemic situation.

Shri Sandeep Singh, Chairperson, Board of Governors, declared the opening of the 8th Convocation Ceremony of IIM Kashipur. He congratulated the batch and advised the graduates to enjoy the day and life to the fullest. He said that as IIM Kashipur enters the second decade, it is more focused on doubling the efforts and embarking on the journey of exponential holistic growth both for the institute and the stakeholders. He also highlighted the notable changes made in IIM Kashipur for the betterment of the students in the past 2 years. 

IIM Kashipur Convocation

Dr. Kulbhushan Balooni, Director of IIM Kashipur in his report, talked about the revamp in the academic policies and governing the recruitment and advancement of faculty members. He stated that these were the first major changes since the inception of the institute was marked in the year 2019 - 2020 to align with the dynamic industry environment. He also highlighted the efforts taken with the aim of incorporating experiential learning with more emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation. Moreover, he congratulated the doctoral candidates for their remarkable research contribution in the year 2020 -21 - the quality has increased with 25 papers in A* and A category and 1 notable paper in top 50 journal list of Financial times.

IIM Kashipur 8th Convocation

A total of 3 candidates of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), 3 candidates of Fellow of IIM Kashipur, 44 candidates of EPGP (2017 - 19), 25 candidates of  MBA-WX (2018 - 20), 250 candidates of PGP (2018-20) and 264 candidates of MBA(2019-21) were conferred with their respective degrees. 

IIM Kashipur 8th Convocation

Dr. Dilip Kumar, Chairperson, Doctoral programme announced the candidates for the award of Doctor of Philosophy and Fellow of IIM Kashipur. Dr. Abhradeep Maiti, Chairperson - MBA programme and Dr. Rahul Ashok Kamble, Chairperson - MBA-WX programme announced the medals of achievements to the following meritorious PGP/MBA students and EGPG/MBA-WX students respectively for their scholastic performance:


PGP 2018 -20

EPGP 2017 - 19

MBA 2019 -21

MBA WX 2018 - 20

Gold Medal for Academic Performance

Vishvendra Singh Tomar 

Shibananda Dash

Sancheti Arhum Anand 

Bithika Karmakar

Silver Medal for Academic Performance

Jyotirmoy Ray 

Shikhar Saxena

Sangeeta Agarwal

Rahul Joshi

Bronze Medal for Academic Performance

Prakhar Mathur


Kaipa Guru Charan Reddy


Medal for Best All Around Performance

Dixit Chirag Santhosh 


Hemraj Bairwa


The event was attended by all the Faculty members, graduating students, and their respective family members. A live webcast of the event was done through the official website of IIM Kashipur. 


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