Published : Monday, 12 October, 2015 10:42 AM

IIM Raipur celebrated its 6th year of Establishment on 11th October 2015. Delivering the welcome address, Prof. B.S. Sahay, Director, IIM Raipur, vividly remembered that exactly 5 years ago on 11th Oct. 2010, how the journey of IIM Raipur started with a one and half men army and a batch of 66 students. Reflecting on this occasion, he felt a sense of pride in the institute’s achievements in last five years. From a mere structure to this beautiful campus, from 66 students to over 300 today with 24 faculty members, MoUs with many reputed global B-schools.

Prof. Sahay shared that vision of IIM Raipur is to become a world class institute with global outlook imbedded with regional and national focus; an institute par excellence, which will be known for outstanding value based quality education, high quality research, executive education, consultancy and strong corporate as well as international linkages, and a B-School, which will serve the society, the state and the nation for economic growth and prosperity.On this occasion, Prof. Sahay thanked the Ministry of MHRD, the Government of Chhattisgarh, and industry, faculty members, staff and students for support in making IIM Raipur a leading business school in India. In its journey, IIM Raipur craves to add many more achievements and nurture its mission of being a research intensive value based management institute.  

The day witnessed a congregation of CEOs and COOs top-notch companies at IIM Raipur. Chief Guest of the occasion, Mr. Neil Wilson, Chief Operating Officer, PWC delivered the keynote address on the Establishment Day theme, “Creating Value based Ethical Leaders for Tomorrow”. Mr. Wilson in his keynote address congratulated the institute for its immense contribution in the field of management and research in its 5 years of journey. Talking about the theme of the event, l stressed on the importance of values and ethics in not only in business but in entire life. Undoubtedly, this choice would not be easy to adopt and penetrate in each and every decision of life and one may have to sacrifice too at times, but if values and ethics are followed whole heartedly they would surely lay strong foundations of a successful career and life.  For him on a personal front, treating everyone with respect, abiding by the law and to do the right thing are the traits that define him. Talking further, he mentioned that IIM Raipur has a responsibility to train its students on ethical grounds, and to deal with ethical dilemmas efficiently.

Taking forward the agenda of the event, topic for the first panel discussion was “Pioneering the Spirit of Entrepreneurship”and included Mr. Pawan Peechara, CEO Adaequare, Mr. Rajeev Dubey, President HR, Mahindra & Mahindra, Mr. Rohit Bansal, Director Network 18, Mr. Ravi Krishnan, CEO Stepathlon Lifestyle and the Moderator Mr. Neil Wilson. The panel discussed in depth the ingredients for being a successful entrepreneur,especially in a country like India where startup culture is talk of the town among the youth.

The biggest latent road block on the success route is the fear of fear itself. One needs to acknowledge fear and failure as a part of the success story and build on them creative and innovative solutions to emerge as a successful entrepreneur. Budding women entrepreneurs should not be skeptical of their abilities and should explore the world of opportunities with an equal rigor matched with their male counterparts.

Post lunch, the second panel discussion was delegated which was themed on “Enhancing Employability to meet Growing Expectations,” by a panel of Mr. Dinesh Modi, CEO, Eros International, Mr. Rahul Rajamuthiah, Chief Operations, Future Value Retail, Ms. Richa Arora, COO, Tata Chemicals, Mr. Rohit Bansal, Director Network 18, moderated by Dr. V. P. Singh, Executive Director HR and Chief Pupil, R. J. Corp. Some of the key points discussed were management studies are ground of formative years for future endeavors be it in entrepreneurship or contributing to organizational cultures.

The need of the generation is developing upon ideas through systemic thinking and maintaining functional competencies. From the perspective of sustaining in a job the advice of the panelists were to stick to the basics and accepting failures and at the same time working to improve upon the learning from them. Upgrading the skill set keeps an employee relevant to the organization. The other concern raised by the panel was about finding the right ‘Fit’ between the culture and values of employer and the employee, which would be beneficial for both of them. Decision making requires understanding the trends and your customer, so analyzing the problem through knowledge from reading books and ancient texts cannot be replaced by finding answers on Google.

On this occasion, the bi-annual magazine, ‘Effulgence’, of Media & PR cell of IIM Raipur by the Chief Guest, Mr. Wilson and Prof. Sahay.

Dr. Parikshit Charan, Chairman (PGP); Dr. Jagrook Dawra, Chairman (PGPWE) and Dr. Vinita Sahay, Chairperson (Fellow Programmes) gave brief about the respective programmes. Prof. Charan who threw light on the present 6th batch of IIM Raipur, a perfect blend of students from all domains and different work experience. Describing the Fellow Programme and Executive Fellow Programme in Management, Prof. Vinita Sahay urged students to set your goals high and strive hard to achieve them. With a humber beginning of 5 doctoral students in 2012, IIM Raipur today has over 50 doctoral students. Introducing the program for working executives, PGPWE, Dr. Dawra discussed importance and utility of the programme.  

The Programme was attended by students, faculty members and staff of the Institute.

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