Published : Tuesday, 16 May, 2017 11:30 AM

IIM Raipur organized its 2nd Round Table Meet in Mumbai

On Friday, May 12, 2017, Indian Institute of Management Raipur held its 2nd Round Table Meet in The Orchid Hotel, Mumbai. The event was attended by more than 30 industry stalwarts who shared their views and ideas on different business issues.
Prof. Bharat Bhasker, Director, IIM Raipur graced the event. He mentioned how important innovation and collaboration is in today’s world and how the institute focuses on shaping its students by combining tradition with modernity and helping them innovate. He also mentioned how IIM Raipur is creating an in-depth and multi layer relation with the corporate world through corporate teaching and corporate engagements.

IIM Raipur

Earlier Prof. Satyasiba Das, Chairperson, Corporate Relations Committee, IIM Raipur flagged off the event. He started off by welcoming the guests, students and alumni. He thanked the guests for making it to the event despite their busy schedules. He mentioned how in a short span of 6 years IIM Raipur has made it to the 14th position on the MHRDA rankings. He also stressed on the fact that it is the fastest growing IIM in terms of students and faculty. IIM Raipur also has one of the best student exchange program among the B-schools in the country. 

Post welcome address by Prof. Das and the Director, the panel discussions commenced, with the first panel discussion revolving around the topic “Innovation and Collaboration- Key necessities of the Indian Industries”. The discussion was moderated by Mr. Prem Singh, President Global HR, Wockhardt Limited. His valuable contributions to the discussion by stating “Collaboration with communities, network providers and everyone is the way forward. It is about sensing the need of the hour and having a business that can change the lives of people.

IIM Raipur

Innovation is not only related to platforms and applications, but even in the fundamental and daily products which a society uses.” Ms. Rashmi Thosar, CEO, Brandcare, started the discussion by giving a few very important insights on innovation by stating “Innovation is not just about one thing and one person. To innovate every day, you need to collaborate with different people.” She also mentioned how revolutionary innovation by companies like Uber and Tesla could be disruptive and could change the world as a whole. Mr. Sameer Joshi, AVP Godrej Interio, supported the thoughts by adding “Workspace becomes a tool that supports innovation.

The change is about making platform suitable for the next younger generation and also making it inclusive for the experienced people.” There were many more dynamic leaders from companies like RBL Bank, Eros International, IBM and Microsoft who contributed to the discussion and also entertained questions from the audience present. 

Post tea break, the second panel discussion followed which was themed around the topic “Role of Management Education in Creating Competitive Advantage in Indian Industries” which was moderated by Mr. Sandeep Jain, Vice President, Bank of America Merrill Lynch started off the discussion by saying “When we you think yourself as a leader, you act like one. There is a need of "Thought Leadership" in today’s competitive world. Attitude and behavioral skills matter the most in corporate life.” Mr. Parikshit Sharma, VP- South Asia, JWT, delivered a very thought provoking message to the students and the guests present by stating “The best people are those who are passionate about the work they do. Their belief is immense. They are ready to stand behind failures.” He also said,”One should have a vision, which is what sets them apart from the rest. Management is not young. The people though can be curious like a child. It is the religion of passionates that we follow and we must do what we like and should always follow our passion. Dollars will automatically happen.” Mr. Majid Ali Khan, Senior HR and Lead Talent Acquisition, Mphasis, also contributed to the discussion by saying “If you are to be in the race, you have to be relevant. Management is necessary for our system and it is required to remain competitive. Management is more about the interpersonal skills.” Mr. Manoj Kulkarni, Head of Innovation, Nielsen spoke about how innovation and management are critically linked with each other. 

IIM Raipur

The post lunch session witnessed a panel discussion on the topic “Accelerating the future through existing Economic Enablers”. The panel was moderated by Prof. Satyasiba Das, Chairman, Corporate Relations, IIM Raipur. Mr. Rammohan Bhave, CFO, ConsultIFRS Strategy Consultants started off the discussion stating “Foreign language could be an enabler of empowering the current youth for further opportunities. Knowledge process outsourcing is the next big thing to look forward to as we have huge human resource including lawyers and Chartered Accountants who can enable growth.” Mr. Vraj Gokhale, VP-Analytics, Barnes and Noble Loudcloud added valuable contributions like “Education has a purpose. It provides you with the skills to work and succeed. The application of these skills and education is required to enable growth. You should know what are you doing and how to get that thing done.” Mr. Rajeev Pawar, Executive VP-Strategic Investments Group, Edelweiss Financial Services added “For any country to do well, it is important to set the objectives right. Along with institutions, things are enforced in few models of country growth. Not only do institutions, but reforms like GST would play a critical impact in the nation building.” There were stalwarts from various other corporate like Bajaj Capital Limited, Axis Bank, Hersheys, Good People Consulting LLB etc., who also made valuable contributions to the discussion.

The Round Table Meet was a great networking opportunity for the students and also helped them in gaining great insights to tackle different business issues in the competitive corporate world. The panels encouraged students to take responsibility and do every work with equal passion as they are the future leaders of the country. 

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