Published: Monday, 22 August, 2016 3:58 PM

Evolving HR Dynamics: IIM Rohtak organizes 8th HR Summit

In today’s business world, change is the only constant. The increasing changes in economic and market factors give rise to challenges that are required to be met quickly and effectively. However, it is the employees who have to ultimately bring the transformation and adjust themselves accordingly. In such a scenario, the role of HR managers in an organization becomes ever more vital.

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Cognizant of this fact, IIM Rohtak organized its 8th HR Summit on 20th August, 2016 with the theme, “Evolving roles of HR in organizations”. The event was flagged off by Dr. Atanu Rakshit, Director of IIM Rohtak, who remarked that competition, innovation and technology drive HR practices today.

Watershed event for Indian Film Industry | IIM Rohtak

HR managers as harbingers of innovation

The challenges are however not limited to economic and market shifts. Technological advancements and government regulations and reforms make it imperative for companies to stay on their toes.

Watershed event for Indian Film Industry | IIM Rohtak

In such a scenario, an organization which welcomes novelty and innovation will clearly take the lead. Speaking on HR’s role in cultivating a culture of innovation in an organization, Ms. Cherry Singh, Exec. VP-Human Capital Management, Yes Bank, said that, “It is the HR manager’s role to ensure that even the smallest of ideas of the employees are acknowledged and adequately rewarded”.

Invigorating the Chanakya in the HR practitioner

HR personnel are responsible for harnessing the creativity of the employees and helping build a leadership pipeline. They must find the right fit for a particular job so that the overall productivity increases.

Watershed event for Indian Film Industry | IIM Rohtak

The panelists shed light on how HR practitioners are enablers of strategy and performance in an organization. Ms. Lakshmi Priya Radhakrishnan, Director-HR at BWIR, said, “The task of an HR manager is not just another task, it is specifically designed and measured to meet business goals.” 

Human Resource Management for all

The summit continued with Ms. Sunanda Rao, GM-HR, Geodis Oversea Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Aditya Goyal, Senior Manager Personnel, Asian Paints and Dr. Malay Biswas, Chairperson MDP, IIM Rohtak having a lively discussion on talent management.

Watershed event for Indian Film Industry | IIM Rohtak

They acknowledged the fact that generational shifts over the past few decades have required the HR personnel to frequently refine their strategies.

Watershed event for Indian Film Industry | IIM Rohtak

All the sessions and the speakers were well received by the students, who listened to the discussions with rapt attention.

Watershed event for Indian Film Industry | IIM Rohtak

With intriguing talks on varied topics from top industry experts, the 8th HR Summit of IIMR turned out to be a resounding success. The summit will surely go a long way towards helping IIMR achieve its goal of becoming a global center for learning and knowledge creation.

Watershed event for Indian Film Industry | IIM Rohtak

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