IIM Rohtak inducted the 3rd Batch of Integrated Programme in Management

IIM Rohtak inducted the 3rd Batch of Integrated Programme in Management

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Indian Institute of Management Rohtak inducted the 3rd batch of the Five Year Integrated Programme in Management. The induction and orientation programme was spread over two days starting from 4th Sept 2021. The newly inducted batch was fortunate to be inducted in the presence of eminent speakers like Shri Anurag Thakur, Hon’ble Union Minister of Information & Broadcasting and Youth Affairs & Sports, Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Shri Asaduddin Owaisi, Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Mr. Shekhar Gupta, Editor-in-Chief, The Print, Mr. Praful Ketkar, Editor, Organiser Magazine among others during the first two days of programme.

In his welcome address, Shri Anurag Thakur congratulated the students for joining the programme. He appreciated the diverse curriculum of the IPM program which covers subjects in humanities, mathematics, information technology among others. He congratulated IIM Rohtak for becoming one of the best management institutions in the country. While advising the new batch, he said, “Don't just celebrate the start of the journey but maintain enthusiasm throughout the journey. Pursue all that you want to pursue. Life takes its own course but you will have to take charge to drive it in the direction you desire to. You are not just creating a future but you will run it too.” He further added, “The young students must think and perform like Olympians. Olympians offer their best performance at the highest level under immense pressure.  Similarly, students of IIMs must learn to perform at the highest level under pressure. It is only through the continued efforts and disciplined performances that one will get the best attention. Hence, people look up to them for more inspiration.”

Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Hon’ble Member of Parliament, in his insightful and interactive session spoke to students about the importance of innovation in development. He further premeditated on how management is a form of innovation that includes managing and promoting people which removes mediocrity that is dominating people. He added, “Technology and Development have removed the traditional sluggish model also making the economy go far, jumping off the curve.” He advised the students that they should have a mindset that allows them pursue their goals while managing risk associated with such pursuits. He said, “ Risk means failure, failure doesn't mean you will collapse, as ultimately failure will lead to success. So that kind of mental attitude is required to develop a positive orientation.” Dr Swamy appreciated the institute’s growth that he has witnessed in the last few years.

On this occasion, Dr. Swamy also released the book “Filmain Aur Sanskriti” online, written by Prof. Dheeraj Sharma, Director IIM Rohtak. The book has scientific explanations on how Bollywood movies have influenced society. The book particularly illustrates how movies have influenced the new generation in the domain of anti India sentiment, false religious discourse, promoting gun culture, promoting drug abuse, and fostering anti institutional sentiment.

Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi also interacted with the students while expressing his views on the topic: Importance of Indian Constitution. He talked about principles of equity and universal development.” He also talked about the importance of checks and balances in the Indian constitution. He emphasized that the constitution was a binding element amongst the diverse Indian population. He also emphasized on the role of the public sector in delivery of public services.

Students also got the opportunity to interact with speakers like Dr. Bajrang Lal Gupta, Economic Expert and Mr. Santosh Taneja, Founder Samkalp Foundation who expressed their views on the topic “ Conceptualisation of Growth: An Indian Perspective” The session talked about the importance of developing a new world view that takes into account principals of “vasudeva kutumbakam”. The traditional parameters of growth need to be re-examined. Shri Gupta said “India must lead the way in redefining growth and development on new parameter that centers on equity, compassion, care, and tradition. He said that students should refocus and attempt to make the world a better place by redefining their world view.” Shri Taneja emphasized the importance of research orientation amongst IIM students. They both appreciated IIMs gender diversity and growth trajectory.

Director, IIM Rohtak, Prof Dheeraj Sharma, welcomed and congratulated the 3rd batch of IPM programme as they embark upon a new journey and pursue a path towards becoming future leaders. He set the tone of the event by emphasizing the online mode of study and highlighted the point of regular assessments after each session to maintain the rigor of learning for which IIMs are known. He also encouraged the students to start the journey on a positive note in this unprecedented situation. He went on to talk about how IIM Rohtak has become a leading institution in running the IPM programme and how the institute has excellently managed the ongoing online sessions during the testing times of COVID.

Mr. Shekhar Gupta, Editor-in-Chief and Chairman, The Print, Mr. Prafulla Ketkar, Editor, Organiser, and Smita Sharma, Contributing Editor, India Ahead News joined discussion on the topic Media and Society and they brought unique and interesting perspectives to the discussion.  They elaborated on how the media has influenced society over time and how it has progressed with time. Mr. Shekhar Gupta said, “Mass media is playing a big role in providing the essential link between individuals and the demands of the technological society.It is not just about television newsrooms or news alone, it has further been expanded to the Internet, broadcast radio etc.” Shri Ketkar said “democratization of reporting does not necessarily result in best news delivery. Journalism should be responsible and should not be opinion-based but should be fact based.”

The induction programme also included discussions on the topic Post COVID World: Challenges and Opportunities. Featured in the discussions were Mr. Anuj Kadyan, Partner, McKinsey & India, Mr. Avijit Bhattacharya, CHRO, Tata Capital, Mr. Subramanyeshwar, Chief Strategy Officer, Mullen Lowe Group among others.

The students of IPM Batch 03 include 183 students from over 24 states of India. IIM Rohtak continued its focus towards maintaining an excellent gender and academic diversity amongst the students. Around 44% students of the newly inducted batch are women. This is in continuation to the historic gender diversity achieved by the institute in various programmes including flagship PGP programme where 69% of the students are female.

IIM Rohtak is now a well-established and well-respected brand in academia and industry. One of the top management institutes in the country, it is the only IIM in the Delhi-NCR region. IIM Rohtak has become a benchmark of management education in India and aims to build the leaders of tomorrow by imparting knowledge with a unique cross-functional perspective.

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