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The two reputed institutes join hands to explore opportunities in key areas like Innovation, Start-up and Incubation, Faculty Development and Exchange, Student Exchange and Internships, Joint course and program exploration.

IMT Ghaziabad has been imparting practical management education for the last 40 years and has been at the forefront of grooming leadership through innovation, execution and social responsibility. With some of the best learner oriented faculty from India and abroad, IMT Ghaziabad faculty have not only been inspiring scores of students in the classroom but have also been publishing cutting edge research at the highest levels.

In the last two years, the business world has gone through tremendous upheavals which tested the adaptability of both organizations and individuals. COVID-19 related challenges required educational institutions to display immense agility and resilience. IMT Ghaziabad showed an unbeatable spirit and capability to not just adapt but excel in all its endeavours including teaching students with the most contemporary technology aids, honing faculty capabilities, nurturing industry relationships and engagements, and maintaining a close-knit relationship with the community.

As a forward moving step in the industry IMT Ghaziabad  has collaborated with IIITD successfully recently to jointly explore synergies between the respective institutions. This is a great initiative by both institutes in order to make a collaborative impact on contemporary student education, entrepreneurship and society”.

IMTG and IIITD both possess unique resources and capabilities which can be jointly leveraged to create new competencies for both institutions. These include but are not limited to the areas of Innovation, Start-up and Incubation, Faculty Development and Exchange, Student Exchange and Internships, Joint course and program exploration.


On this great initiative and on collaboration between two reputed institutes, Dr Vishal Talwar , Director IMT Ghaziabad  said– “We are very excited about our MoU with IIITD , we are very thankful to them for this tie up  we realize that IMT Ghaziabad and IIITD has similar synergy in terms of the institutes they are and this collaboration will be fruitful to both institutes. IIITD Delhi is a very reputed and prominent institution whereas IMT Ghaziabad is a 42 year old , a legacy driven  forward looking practice oriented management institution. It was very natural for us to come together because we have lot of capabilities from management perspective, we would like to be in innovation, execution ecosystem and this understanding with IIITD innovation, incubation center will help us achieve many things together. These things include having joint projects, joint mentoring, joint events and workshops, contributing to development of entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region as well. This can be through women oriented entrepreneurship programs, role entrepreneurship programs, being able to make our students work together and possibly create sustainable ventures in long term. This is the basic idea of this collaboration and a lot more to be achieved together with IIITD through this collaboration.”


The KEY areas of focus of this collaboration are as follows:

1. Faculty mentorship exchange

IMT-G will develop a list of faculty who can offer mentoring based on business and management expertise to IIITD-IC startups and IIITD students. Similarly, IMT-G will draw upon the expertise of IIITD-IC team, startups, and mentors to provide technical mentoring and business advisory to IMT-G start-ups and students. IIITD-IC will also facilitate interaction and mentoring through faculty of IIITD. Role of IMT-G/IIITD-IC will be to connect mentors with the mentees; and if there is any commercial arrangement between mentor and mentee, it shall be through their mutual understanding.

 2. Student internship opportunities

IMT-G and IIITD-IC will allow students to intern at each other’s incubation centres/incubates. IMT-G students can intern at the IIITD-IC or the start-ups based in the same. Similarly, IIITD-IC students can intern at the IMT-G incubator or its start-up. Students of each institute will mutually be able to access facilities and infrastructure of the respective institutes during the internship.

3: Specialist workshops and jointly developed events

IMT-G and IIITD-IC will jointly develop events leveraging specific themes such as Women’s Entrepreneurship, Rural Entrepreneurship etc. by leveraging its intellectual resources for the benefits of wider society. Such events will be conducted twice a year.

4. Co-usage of mutual facilities/labs

IMT-G and IIITD-IC will allow students to mutually access the lab facilities to help co-develop solutions or independently develop prototypes for start-up purposes subject to payment towards consumables as charged by the labs.

5. Co-incubation

In the long term, both institutions will work to develop start-up co-incubation opportunities by collaborating at student, faculty or institutional level. IMT-G and IIITD-IC will leverage their respective resources, capabilities and competencies in a complementary manner to enable start-ups in our respective focus areas, support each other in deficiency areas with a common aim to develop sustainable and growth-oriented start-ups.  

Adding to this collaboration Dr Nihar Amoncar ,Assistant Professor -Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship said “The collaboration between IIITD-IC and IMTG has the potential to develop unique competencies emerging out of the increasingly convergent fields of technology and management. Multi-disciplinary education is the way forward, and this MoU leverages our potential to achieve this by allowing faculty and students opportunities for co-creation of new ventures, innovative pedagogies or courses “


IMT Ghaziabad true to its mission Forge meaningful partnerships with industry, academia, government, and social sectors such that sustainable businesses are built fulfilling the collective needs of various stakeholders and the society. IMT Ghaziabad is among the premier Bschool in industry that offers quintessential multi-disciplinary program that incorporates domain specific knowledge and technological knowhow ensconced within a progressive holistic developmental orientation. It offers diverse base to students helping them transform themselves holistically.


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