Inauguration of Centre of Entrepreneurship

Inauguration of Centre of Entrepreneurship

IIM Amritsar successfully inaugurated the “Centre of Entrepreneurship” on October 17, 2018. Centre of Entrepreneurship aspires to create an entrepreneurial culture and to motivate, inspire and facilitate entrepreneurial activity among the students of IIM Amritsar. The inauguration ceremony was graced by eminent Chief Guests cum Speakers. Mr. Anil Chhikara, Serial Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker, Chairman - Startup India Foundation and Anchor Judge in India's First Startup Reality TV Show; Mr. Param Singh is the Founder and Managing Director at UDAY, Founder at MoooFarm, Non Executive Director at Arrow Contractors and Fellow at Australian Institute of Management and Ms. Shruti Parashar, Director, Smart Meters Manufacturing. This platform is to inspire and to encourage the entrepreneurial skills of the students.

The event began with the lighting of the lamp by the Guests accompanied by Prof. Geetha M, PGP Chairperson, IIM Amritsar and Prof. Anita Sharma, Chair, Centre of Entrepreneurship, IIM Amritsar. The guests launched the logo of Centre of Entrepreneurship after ascending the dais. Prof. Anita Sharma reflected upon her life challenges en-route the entrepreneurial success that she achieved. Her perspective of how she viewed entrepreneur as “antar-prerna” inspired the students. Prof. Anita Sharma told the students about her journey that how she started a driving school for disabled and the challenges faced by her. An entrepreneur is the person who crosses the threshold and breaks the shackles of reservations. The Agenda for COE is to crystallize and build entrepreneurial skills of the students. She urged the students to break the shackles of reservations in minds and enter the entrepreneurship battlefield. Speaking of the vision of Centre of Entrepreneurship, she shared that the Centre will work towards promoting start-ups in Punjab at a progressive scale and try to immediately address similar needs of Amritsar city.

Mr. Param Singh discussed about entrepreneurship with the future entrepreneurs of IIM Amritsar who will incubate and start companies from Amritsar and grow not only in Punjab but also in India and abroad. Mr. Param asserted that after completing your education and while in jobs, a time will come when all of us would ask the question- “Is this what I wish to do?” This question also hit him and as a result he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey along with his friends. After the entrepreneurial success, Mr. Param thought that he is capable of much more and could use his skills for the welfare of his people back in India. Since then he is dedicated to helping farmers in rural India. Mr. Param thought that he is capable of much more and could use his skills for the welfare of his people back in India. Since then he is dedicated to helping farmers in rural India. He urged the students to believe in themselves. Risk now not later and keep moving until you find someone. Mr. Param asserted that people of Punjabi are very enterprising and that is the reason they are present everywhere globally. We have to start today. Customers are the best as they will tell what is wrong or right. Mr. Param asserted that people of Punjab are very enterprising and Centre of Entrepreneurship can tap the entrepreneurial spirits and promote entrepreneurial zeal in the state. He stressed that the Centre of Entrepreneurship should work continuously and consistently to nurture the future entrepreneurs of IIM Amritsar and around.

Mr. Anil Chhikara began on a jovial note and captured the interest of the students instantly. Mr. Chhikara told the students that real learning comes from entering the field with your lofty ideas and getting rejected by the customers. Schooling is not necessary for becoming an entrepreneur. Everyone has ups and downs in their lives. We have to learn from that. The real reckoning is what the customer says and what we do to create an impact because a customer doesn’t care whether you are first time entrepreneur or a well-funded organisation. All they care about is whether you can solve their problem or add to it. He also mentioned the top 20 reasons of Startup Failures. Planning and Preparation is more important and Validation process is critical.  Creating, Leading, Steering, Building are the 4 buckets for an entrepreneur. Be aware and be prepared for the competition. Mr. Anil shared the seven commandments to be adhered to for an entrepreneurial venture. If we can manage ourselves, half work is done as an entrepreneur. It is fine to celebrate success but it is more important to pay heed to the lessons of failure.

Ms. Shruti Parashar decided to break the monotony and encouraged an interactive session with the students moderating a Q&A session with the other speakers. The students were very enthusiastic and asked many questions much to the delight of the eminent guests. The students posed questions related to beginning the entrepreneurial career, how to nurture a venture and what should be the right time to exit. The students were very interested in knowing how to identify and utilise their USP.

The Speakers were invited to launch the official social media handle of Centre of Entrepreneurship, IIM Amritsar. The Vote of Thanks was delivered by Prof. Geetha M., PGP Chairperson, IIM Amritsar. High tea was served after the successful conclusion of the event.

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