Management from the lens of Captain Vinay Singh, Indian Navy

Management from the lens of  Captain Vinay Singh, Indian Navy

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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IIM Kashipur is honored to have hosted Captain Vinay Singh as the guest speaker for the third session of the MBA Series, a webinar initiative, organized by the Academic Committee. The theme of the series is "Management from a Non-Corporate lens", designed to impart knowledge to the students from pioneers of the different fields who have gone beyond their way for the development of society.
Captain Singh is an MBA graduate from FMS, Delhi with majors in Operations Management. He also holds a General Management certification program from IIM Ahmedabad. With over 31 years of experience serving the nation through the Indian Navy, Capt. Singh is specialized in intelligence and Naval operations. He has also commanded INS Alleppey and had the privilege to be part of the Commissioning Crew of INS Betwa. He is also a specialist in Amphibious Forces and Nuclear Biological & Chemical Defense. In addition to this, he was also involved with Sambhav Kadam Foundation and the Commissioning Indian Naval Academy Ezhimala, Kerala. The session was opened by Prof. Vivek Roy, Assistant Professor Operations Management & Decision Sciences, IIM Kashipur.

Captain Vinay Singh started the session by saying “Leaders Are Made, Not Born”, where he emphasized the different managerial qualities to be possessed by a leader from instances of the life of a veteran. He shared the valuable instances when the project management skills are exhibited by the soldier in his day to day life. He enlightened the student fraternity about the qualities of humility, honesty, and consideration which are the go-to characteristics any leader should have to bring goodness wherever they go. He emphasized the fact that how perceptions are changing with time and how liberalization has made us evolve but the life of a soldier is still encompassed within the boundaries of a non-digital life.

He concluded the session by sharing valuable insights on the new veteran initiative “Sambhav Kadham” which aims to provide upskilling and employment opportunities to the retired soldiers, also concentrates on CSR activities, and establish a community for enhanced communication among the veterans. This initiative also promotes aid supported initiatives towards causes of war, widows, veterans, and families.

It was an interactive session where the guest addressed the queries of students and answered them using his life scenarios.

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