"I trade in information, feel the things men do when they think no one is looking. Shame holds more value than coin ever can." - Leigh Barduogo. 


It is an annual event conducted by IISAC (Industry Interaction and Student Activity Committee). This student-run initiative is organised every year to get an insight into the thought processes of the corporate and policymakers at large. The event is spread across the day, with two sessions and panels of experts from diverse backgrounds, exploring the dynamics of international trade, which tend to change on a day to day basis. It was a thought provoking discussion, exploring how international trade integration has advanced and evolved over the years. 


Course coordinator, Mrs. Neeti Bhasin declared the Symposia open and introduced major indicators in International Trade such as popular nationalism, liberalization and other economicpolitical policies. 



The Panel-1 comprised of some well-known innovators and business specialists such as Mr. Kusumakar Pandey, who is a business specialist for Godfrey Phillip’s and has worked towards other strategic growth assignments across Europe, USA, China and Japan besides India. Being an alumnus of Delhi School of Economics, alongside IIM Ahmedabad and Harvard Business School, he opened up the discussion by pointing out some of the major strengths of China’s trade evolution. 

Our next addressee was Mr. SP Singh, who is a research professional and is working as a full-time consultant. He pointed out that China depicts 15% of world’s GDP while India just attributes to 3%. The reasons for this being huge investments made by China in the 90’s and 2000’s. 

Professor Hem Kusum, Assistant professor at Department of Chinese language and culture, Vishva Bharati University, Shanti Niketan for part 15 years also spoke on the occasion and discussed the understanding of Chinese culture and party policies and also pointed out that China and India are both civilizations rather than mere nations. She pointed out the terms developed by China such as 'takenism' which means they work and believe in taking everything they can make a profit out of. 

Dr. Sheo Nandan Pandey was our other panelist, who has richly contributed to studies of Sinology, Defence and Security Studies. With his fluency in modern Chinese language, he has served in Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of HRD and Ministry of Defence. He advised us to always check data thoroughly and also gave some fine pointers on the international trade market. He focused on being as humble as possible, praising at every moment of the deal if one wishes to succeed in doing business with the Chinese. 

The former CEO and managing director of Air Asia India, Mr. Amar Abrol was also present to discuss some major components of China’s Business strategies. He said that money talks in China so learn their culture and always behave rich. He also encouraged us to learn new languages and open ourselves to experimentation. 

With such high esteemed panelist speakers and their encouraging and individualistic, innovative ideas, provided the event vibrancy, possibilities and also made us have a new outlook towards business evolution and International trade, especially in the manufacturer of the world, China.



We had the honor of being presented the opportunity with being a part of the Second Panel Discussion of the day which was being hosted by the presence of Mr. Sangram Sinha, who is currently the head of International Business for Pernord Ricard India, while having 15 years of prior experience in India and abroad with companies such as HUL, Cadbury, Red Bull, Asian Paints and P&G.

Mr. Dhiraj Tripathi, who is at present, the Regional Head for Africa and Middle East Region at Hero MotoCorp. which is world's number 1, Two-Wheeler Company. Possessing over two decades of industry experience across automotive segments with expertise in spearheading global business development, strategic alliances and both B2B; B2C Sales Operation.

Mr. Sandeep Anchanti, who is currently the C.E.O. of Me & Africa Region for Innovis Telecom Group.  An Experienced Professional in the field of International Business with more than 22 years of experience comprising proficiency in the fields of leadership role at FMCG and Telecom Network Infrastructure in India and Africa. 

Mr. Parmeet Bhalla, who is at present, M.D. at BGSB Concrete Solutions (P) Ltd. and M.D. at BGSB Concrete Africa Ltd. Being a Visionary Enterprising Entrepreneur with an experience of over 10 years in the Construction Industry as a specialized contractor for designing, building and modern laser assisted machinery. 

Their elaboration of discussion ranged from correlation of "Misconception and The Truth about Africa", "Cultural Spread of Sub-continents in Africa" to "The Impact of China, France and other European Countries at Africa." 

- "The culture of China and its effective model and business structure from which India and Various African Nations could implement."

- "Comparison of India's participation for Trade and Investment in Africa with US and China." 


The students were presented with valuable and thoughtful insights by the conspicuous speakers and their vast; surfeit; cognizance of wisdom. We are grateful and venerated in spellbound of awe for such an interactive, compelling and enriching sessions. 

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