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MDI Gurgaon, one of the leading B-schools in India, conducted a virtual orientation programme for its Fellowship Programme.  The batch of 2021 comprises 12 scholars, of whom 5 shall join the Fellow Programme in Management and 7 shall join the Executive Fellow Programme in Management.

MDI has a vibrant research culture and the institute takes pride in its Fellowship Programme. The programme plays a crucial role in developing scholars to think across the disciplinary boundaries of management. As a part of the curriculum, the institute encourages rigorous interdisciplinary research in contemporary areas of management that will help students create scientific knowledge and contribute to management practice. So far 69 FPM and 26 EFPM scholars have received the award of ‘Fellowship in Management’ from MDI Gurgaon.

The ceremony was a thought-provoking event for the participants as they got a glimpse of what lies ahead for them in their life and career thereafter.

Welcoming the new batch, Prof. P. C. Biswal, Dean, Research and Accreditations said, “The institute is renowned for being among the top ranking B-schools in India and for having a rich legacy of success, growth, and learning. In these uncertain times learn to be adaptive to necessary changes and to make full use of various resources available with an open mind to research. Research in multiple instances suggests that researchers who are more open to other disciplines and worldviews produce higher-quality research having policy and practical relevance. This is an opportunity to create a positive impact on businesses as well as on society by conducting ‘responsible research’ through ethical means. Learn to close a particular task or research work on time and try to follow the timelines. On behalf of MDI, I welcome you all to embark on this journey and wish you all the best.”

Throwing light on the new chapter of academic life that the students will be beginning, Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh Chakrabarti, Director, MDI Gurgaon said, “It’s important to know what you are going to learn while you are at MDI. Let me tell you this is the best time to master your skills in research. Speed is important in today’s fast-moving business but don’t sprint the marathon, rather learn as much as you can. Most productive research is the one that has a multidisciplinary approach. Do not get stuck in a tunnel, instead, hone diversified skills, such as content writing and how to argue your research point so that your reader gets convinced by your argument. Data is the core of any business and hence, it’s imperative to learn coding as well as the latest managerial tools and techniques.”

Prof. Chiranjib Sen (PhD), Visiting Professor, Azim Premji University, Bangalore presided over as the Chief Guest on the inauguration cum orientation programme.

“Research is an essential part of any industry or business and this is a great opportunity that you all have earned today. You have made a serious decision in your professional journey, so I would say make the most of it. In my opinion, learning is ceaseless and I see myself learning constantly. PhD in Management is appealing and it’s a hybrid discipline involving multiple learnings. So work hard and let all your hard work pay off in the end,” said Prof. Chiranjib Sen, who was also a Former Professor at IIM Bangalore.

The orientation ceremony ended with a vote of thanks by Prof. Vishal Narain, Chairperson (FPM-EFPM).

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