Published: Saturday, 29 April 2017 04.40 PM

MDI Gurugram in collaboration with PMI-NIC (North India Chapter) organized “Project Management Conclave”


India, being on the fast lane of development with government initiatives like Smart City, Digital India and Make in India, needs effective Program Management when it comes to planning and execution of projects. Looking at the increasing demand and awareness around Program Management, MDI Gurugram in collaboration with PMI-NIC (North India Chapter) organized “Project Management Conclave" on 29 April 2017 at MDI Gurugram.

The conclave provided a platform to the participants to discus current issues emerging in studies like Business Program Management, Industrial Leadership and Sustainability.


Prof. A. K. Jain, Chairperson PGPM-PT, MDI Gurugram while welcoming the esteemed guests said “Strategy and leadership are integral part of programme management. Whatever you do, it should be done for planet, people and at last for profit. He emphasized that one should look within, look around and look beyond while executing projects”.

Taking the discussion to the next level Prof. Sangeeta S. Bharadwaj, Dean – Executive Graduate Programmes, MDI Gurugram shared “to be successful in project management one has to be competent enough in executing the project taking into account the diverse objectives one hast to deliver”.

The gathering of “thoughtful, iconoclastic doers” from around the country shared a common interest in practical solutions for sustainable program management through global innovation. The focus was exclusively put on one of the most important program management challenges of current time with an ambitious vision, which is nothing less than to reshape the entire way we think about program management as well as consequences of not doing program management properly. Eminent personalities from different industries presented their views on importance of strategy & leadership in program management. 

MDI Gurugram

Introducing PMI an international organization devoted to the project management profession Mr. Pritam Gautam, President PMI said “to go on spirit of voluntarism is must in project management profession”.

Mr. Sharat Sharma, Director DMRC enlightened the audience through a small presentation on DMRC Phase Design and what challenges they face on execution level along with success stories. Mr. D. K. Ojha, Director MOSPI shared his thoughts on how GOI projects are monitored and controlled.

Continuing on conclave theme Mr. Iqbal Singh, Head of Nokia Global Delivery Centre for Systems Integration (SI Vertical) elaborating on the pivotal role leadership plays in project management said “leadership should be service based, give a sense to your team that they are cared for. A leader should change and evolve with time”. On the other hand Mr. Anil Pathak, Director, Harman Connected Services Corporation India Pvt. Ltd, Gurugram in IT domain explained the importance of strategy and said “it is very important to have a strategy in order to make a project a successful project”.

This management conclave brought together academia, industry leaders and management professionals on a discussion platform on finding silver lining during business uncertainty.  In these challenging times when the economy is striving for rejuvenating growth perceptibly, the conclave aimed to generate awareness and ideas on how businesses can make the best out of the situation by providing effective leadership.

The conclave concluded with a panel discussion on the theme “Challenges in Govt Program Management & Synergies between Govt & Pvt Sector”. Attended by 30 plus PMI delegates from various industrial sectors, the conclave uplifted the competence and knowledge of participants. Certificate of completion in one day Project Management Conclave on Role of Strategy and leadership in Programme Management was awarded to the delegates.

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