Enhancing Customer Engagement Thorough Experiential Marketing” discussed at “MERCATIQUE 2019”


Lavleen kaur kapoor

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"MERCATIQUE 2019", the annual Business Conclave, organized by Maxim- the Marketing Association of XIMB is scheduled to be held at Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar on Sunday, 4th August. The theme for the annual Business Conclave is ‘Enhancing Customer Engagement through Experiential Marketing’.


The conclave is expected to be an unparalleled experiential platform to bring together the most eclectic industry personalities from the different domains of the business world. The first speaker of the event is Mr Imran Qadri, Head –Marketing and PR (INDIA) of Harley-Davidson. Mr Imran Qadri, holding over 11 years of experience is a Marketing professional and an Automobile industry expert. He has a successful track record in Brand Management, Product Marketing and Planning, Marketing and Communication, Category Management Strategy and Media Advertising. He also holds a leadership program certificate from Vanderbilt University, USA.


The second speaker of the event is Ms Darshana Shah - Chief Marketing Officer, Aditya Birla Group (Health Insurance). With 21 plus years of experience, she is currently driving the key agendas as ‘Customer Custodian’ in areas of Product Marketing, Channel and Customer management, Contact Centre, Digital Marketing and Corporate Communications. Ms Darshana Shah is a keen planner and strategist with demonstrated abilities in devising sales and marketing activities and accelerating business growth. Focus is always on generating revenues through multiple channels and delivering ROI. She has been awarded a plethora of accolades such as “Aditya Birla Capital Awards 2018” and “Aditya Birla Group Award 2018”.


The third and final speaker of the event is Mr Chandrahas Panigrahi - Chief Marketing Officer and Consumer Business Head at Acer. A noted alumnus of XIMB, Mr Chandrahas currently holds the prestigious position of Chief Marketing Officer and Consumer Business Head of Acer. Mr Panigrahi has an exemplary track record in managing profit centre, business units, products distribution and sales function across retail and institutional segments. Mr Chandrahas is one among the topmost leaders of the Indian Consumer segment of I.T hardware industry at present. He has significant experience in setting up a new business, reviving business and managing high growth industries. XIMB is a proud Alma mater to have witnessed such a brilliant mind


The event shall be providing a holistic and interactive platform to the inquisitive and budding managers of tomorrow to interact with these distinguished industry stalwarts who hail from different business domains. An enriching session is expected from this annual business conclave followed by a vote of thanks from the dignitaries of the institute. 

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