Recognizing the transformation and impact that the past two years have had on each of us, including the students, MICA, Ahmedabad’s orientation program this year, focuses on the holistic development of the students.
The institute is orienting nearly 250 students across three programs: MICA’s flagship Post-Graduate Programme (PGP), Crafting Creative Communications (CCC), and Fellow Programme in Management (FPM).
The orientation program 2022, spanning over two weeks, is designed to be an exciting mix of engaging topics and activities. Apart from various institutional activities, facilities, and campus life, this year’s program includes different sessions on Yoga, Mental well-being, Universal Human Values, Health & Diet, Diversity & Identity, Ways of Seeing, Ideation & Creativity, Economy, Markets, and Business, Design Thinking, Audio-novels, Innovations in Evaluation, Case Analysis, Critical Thinking & Different Perspectives, Global Governance and Change Management, and many more.

Addressing the students at the orientation launch, Dr.Shailendra Raj Mehta, President & Director, MICA, said, “Education is that which liberates you from your shortcomings, limitations, and prejudices. At MICA, we focus on preparing our students for life. So, embrace the world with all its glory and refinement.”
Urging the students not to shy away from complexities, Dr.Preeti Shroff, Dean, MICA, said, “Learning happens when you are challenged, not in comfort. Therefore, do not shy away from complexities; ask questions while on campus.” She further emphasized the importance of sleep and mental well-being.

Delving more into the orientation design, the Co-chairs of the Orientation Committee, Prof. Shubhra Gaur and Prof. Mini Mathur, said, “Covid-19 has upended everything around us. Our social milieu , work spaces and habits have changed and have impacted our social communication skills. We live in a
world full of unending demands yet navigating life to achieve maximum productivity becomes imperative in the professional world. Holistic health is the need of the hour for all professionals and the sooner it starts the better it is for all. And this is where the importance of aligning the mind, the body, and the soul comes in and the panel on ‘Holistic Health’ with a physician and clinical psychologist would bring to fore.”

They added, “The session on Universal Human Values will focus on sensitizing the students about the importance of interconnections between nature, community, family, and individual in different forms and linking it to corporate social responsibility. The idea is to present to our students the centrality of a humane worldview for future leaders.”

In one of the sessions titled ‘Web 3.0: Myths & Realities’, a team of MICA Professors will unravel some Web 3.0 implications and contradictions. The session will focus on how Web 3.0 will impact customers, marketing, business, and classroom learning and acquaint them with the challenges during the transition phase. Besides, students would be familiarized with the nuances of this digital transformation and its impact on them as learners and future marketers.

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