MICA – India's premier B-school for Strategic Marketing and Communications, Ahmedabad celebrated International Women's Day week with a digital campaign that celebrated women leaders around us.

The institute also hosted a virtual panel discussion titled 'Closing the Circle: from Intent to Impact,' collaborating with Moth. The panelists include MICA alumni, namely Ms. Kaumudi Mahajan, Sr.Vice President, Star TV, Ms. Sonal Jhuj, Global Brand Strategist, Lego Group, Ms. Ellina Rath, Senior Brand Specialist – Udhyam Learning Foundation and Founding partner – Moth, Ms. Priyanka Nayar, Creative Entrepreneur, and Founding partner – Moth, and Prof.Banikanta Mishra, Senior advisor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, MICA. The session was moderated by Prof. Manisha Pathak-Shelat, Professor and Chair - Centre for Development Management and Communication (CDMC), MICA.

Delving on the theme, 'Diversity, Creativity, and Leadership, Dr.Preeti Shroff, Dean, MICA, said, "While the world is struggling with so many crises, we must keep investing in girls and women for non-violent, creative, and compassionate leadership for change. MICA - The School of Ideas is committed to nurturing 21st Century Women Leaders and Professionals with global diversity, values, and competencies. Let us celebrate together women's valuable contributions at home and around the world."

To celebrate diversity, MICA’s digital campaign featured a woman priest, a COVID ward nurse & vaccinator, a centenarian, a forest officer, an entrepreneur, MICA's security guard, and a second-year student of MICA.

The thought-provoking discussion began with Prof. Shelat urging Prof.Banikanta Mishra to share some insights for young students. Speaking on Diversity, Prof.Mishra said, "Diversity is a part of life and should lie in the heart and mind and not on lips. We should assimilate diversity, not tolerate diversity. In the last few years, the concern for diversity has increased. What we need today is to communicate to the organizations that diversity is respecting diverse views, and that can be done through thought-provoking workshops."

The panelists further discussed how MICA shaped their intent and capacity, inclusion and the concept of equitability and equality.

Sharing about the intent of the collaboration, MICA alumnus and founding partners of Moth, Ellina Rath & Priyanka Nayar, said, "MICA has always encouraged an inclusive way of living for its students and faculty. The eclectic diversity we experience at MICA is only the start of fuelling divergent journeys - the leader we choose to become, the career paths we carve, and our roles in our organizations. The alumni stories provide insights into the rich tapestry of possibilities that we can learn from. At Moth, we believe listening is a potent intervention tool and that purposeful conversations can catalyse ideas into action. As two individuals who MICA significantly shaped, we wanted to spark conversations on the different ways in which diversity plays out, and International women's day has allowed us to do just that.”

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