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Published : Monday, 14 November , 2016 11:00 AM


MICA was host to a riveting discussion on the effects of Demonetisation, the hottest topic of debate if social media memes are anything to go by. Organised by MiCompass, the student-run Marketing Club at MICA, ‘The Mobius Strip’ brings together eminent faculty and industry professionals to debate, discuss and dissect issues that are creating waves across the business world.

The discussion was held after hours, if there is such a thing at MICA, an institute always buzzing with excitement. Students of all courses and batches streamed inside the Mani Ayer auditorium and settled down to watch the unravelling of one of the boldest moves by any government in recent years.

MICA Discussion

The event kicked off with a grand introduction of the presenter, and one of the more popular faculty at MICA, Dr. Rasananda Panda. A professor famous for pulling no punches in any discussion, Dr. Panda showcased multiple economic perspectives along with the socio-political impact of the move. Falling on examples from his domestic life, he presented the issue in the same characteristic style that is admired by MICAns even years after they graduate from the institute. His remarkable grasp on the subject of economics allowed him to make simple yet profound statements.


After scrutinising the issue in a neutral light, Dr. Panda presented his own views which lauded the move by the government. He said, “The government had given fair warning to individuals holding black money. They were warned of drastic measures. The ones who came clean walk away. But the ones who didn’t will face consequences now. And don’t let the confusion surrounding the issue confuse you. Our economy will see positive effects after some months. But significant changes will come only after 31st March due to adjustment lag.” He then spoke about the plight of the honest tax payer and the positive effects this move will have on them.

After discussing the intricacies of the issue at length, Dr. Panda moved onto examine the human side of demonetisation. One statement that seemed to hold the audience even hours after the discussion was “Corruption is a behavioural attribute. Even if we reduce black money, corruption won’t go away.” The floor was then thrown open for questions from the students and they fired away.


One student attending the event said, “I cannot begin to describe how much of an impact ‘The Mobius Strips’ has on developing us as students of marketing. It offers us the opportunity to view pertinent topics related to business and marketing from exciting, new perspectives.”

The discussion, as usual, did not end with the end of ‘The Mobius Strip’ and was carried forward by students at the canteen and hostels, drawing from their own readings and the event itself to put things into perspective.

MICA Demonitization

The event earned the audience’s unrestrained applause and served as a great precursor for MICA’s upcoming annual marketing festival, MICANVAS. Scheduled from 18th to 20th November, the event is bound to see many of the theories discussed being put into action and is certain to bring forth the best of the nation’s future managers into the limelight.

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