After two years, MICA, Ahmedabad, on Saturday hosted its Annual Convocation ceremony for  its 25th, 26th, and 27th batch of its flagship PGDM-Communications Program and the 29th, 30th, and 31st  Batch of Crafting Creative Communication (CCC) Course. Scholars of MICA's Fellowship Program in  Management-Communication (FPM-C) Batch of 2015-18 & 2016-19 were also awarded their fellowship.

The landmark celebration witnessed over 700 graduating students brimming with joy as they received their  diplomas and certificates in the presence of MICA's Governing Council members, MICA President & Director,  the Dean, the faculty, and parents. 

the convocation address, MICA Alumnus and founder of India's recent Unicorn ACKO Insurance,  Mr. Varun Dua, shared his insights on 'Choice' and 'Purpose.' 

Speaking on choices, Mr. Dua said, "Life will give you choices whether you like it or not. And you always have  a choice. How conscious you are about your choices and how well you accept the consequences of your  choices is all that matters. Choices which make you, you. Not choices that are an output of the collective  hashtag wisdom of the times we live in." 



He added, "Purpose is like your GPS, your radar in life. The purpose is internal; it is what you want to do.  It is something you would be happy doing for free. Your purpose does not have to be a start-up or a business.  Whatever it is, it is a place where you dream, where you love and are in constant dialogue with yourself, your  thoughts, your ideas, and your will to improve. This dialogue with yourself is a million times more important  than all the banter you want to share, like, or comment on. More often than not, people who find their purpose  will find success. So climb the mountains, start a business, figure out e-waste, be an influencer, help the  farmers or be Sundar Pichai, whatever floats your boat. But try and find your purpose."

Emphasizing the salient skills one must adopt, he said, "The first is delayed gratification as it lets one control  their life, and the second is communication."

He said, "Purpose makes you want to get up in the morning; choices let you sleep at night. So if you want to  impose your will, make people see the world through your lens. And don't trade what you want most for what  you want now." 

Mr. Dua, in his light-hearted address, encouraged the graduating batches to savor all emotions they might feel  in this journey of life and dream big with their eyes open. 

As part of the yearly awards, the institute announced academic excellence awards for all three batches and  outstanding alumni awards. Interestingly, of the 21 awards, 19 were won by female students.  Dr.Shailendra Raj Mehta, President & Director, MICA, said, "This is a milestone and a record for a management  school. The brave new world is here, and I am happy that MICA is paving the way.


Dr.Mehta concluded his speech by referring to a couplet by Allama Iqbal, "Wahin jahan hai tera jisko tu paida  kare. Ye sang-o-khisht nahi, jo teri nigah mai hai" which translates he as "Here is to all the MICANs, present  and future, that they create the world in their own image, not just the bricks and stones that they see in front  of them.” 

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