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Published : Saturday, 22 July, 2017 10:15 AM


MICA Hosts Second Successful Research Colloquium 

20th of July, 2017 was the second successful day of the current academic year’s Research Colloquium Series at MICA. The speaker of the day was Prof. Harsh Taneja of University of Missouri. The address started with a personal anecdote on his research journey as a part of the audience research team for South Asia, BBC. Here, he framed the questions of whether, where and how much to localise? He shared with the audience that the overwhelming feedback was people liked international news. This was corroborated with surveys. At the end of this personal note; the speaker stated that self-reported preferences do not explain actual media usage. He further added, media choices do not easily and directly reflect tastes, needs and genre preferences & the role of infrastructure has often been less appreciated in this context. This was especially so in the case of understanding the barriers to reception of content and these barriers are especially taller and stronger in high choice media environments.


Further, Prof. Taneja shared the insight that media usage depends on availability, social factors and technologies. This dependence was strengthened by access and immediate surroundings, devices and preferences. The speaker also spoke about infrastructural functionality and social media directing the symbolic content of the web. He delved into the insight that millennials are different in their news usage than older demographics. Interestingly, his research study had found that there are many similarities between the baby boomers and millennials in the US in terms of their media usage.


This enlightening engagement concluded with an interactive Q&A session with the audience led by Research Chair Dr. Varsha Jain and Prof. Siddharth Deshmukh – Area Leader of Digital Platforms and Strategies area. The vote of thanks was delivered by FPM Scholar Sindhu Eradi.

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