*The issues include nomophobia, identity theft, organ donation, mental health, LGBTQ stigma at workplace, workplace alienation, losing self in the virtual world, fake news menace*


First-year students of MICA developed social communication through 'photonovels' that addressed issues plaguing society. As part of a workshop titled 'The Photo Novel Company', a unique social communication and managerial learning initiative of MICA, 216 students of the first year created photonovels addressing 18issues like nomophobia, identity theft, fake news menace, mental health, LGBTQ stigma at workplace, road accidents, organ donation, losing self in the virtual world, etc through photographs and dialogues, presented in bubbles like in comic books.


The workshop not only brings out abilities of creativity, visual storytelling, social research and conflict resolution, but also develops managerial abilities of planning, organizing, team-work and execution from concept to final product outcomes. Says professor Kallol Das, "Till last year, we had published 100 photo novel titles on a variety of social issues. This year, the students have added another 18 to this tally. For an issue such as mental health, story highlighted the need for discussing one's problems with a capable and experienced counselor."


The three winning titles included nomophobia, LGBTQ stigma at workplace and mental health.


The narration of identity theft, which was one of the topics chosen by the students showed two roommates in a hostel, and how one is lured by the clothes the other one has. The one who is 'fashionable' offers to share her fashion tips and clothes, eventually leading them to look alike. During the year, many instances occur that include visiting the bank together, sharing identity cards, etc. However, all of it is realized only when the girl, who had shared her identity card to help her friend, finds her own name as the one who succumbed in an accident in a newspaper. 


Professor Kallol Das is also credited with having written a photonovel case on Eureka Forbes in conjunction with Harvard Business School. The case study attempted to deliver learning on key issues such as sales force management, motivation, incentives, benefits and compensation, etc.


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