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Published: Saturday, 14th October  2017 11:42 AM

MICA leadership series hosted Mr.V.S. Parthasarathy, group CFO, group CIO, Chairman, Mahindra eMarket Ltd, he is also the member of the Group Executive Board Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Students cohort was addressed by him at MICA by mapping his personal journey and the impetus it has had on his professional life. Mr. Parthasarathy uses popular mediums, such as the reference to Bollywood to map the milestones in his life right from his childhood. He also shared how as a child he lived in various cities throughout India and this taught him the valuable lesson of adaptability and that change is inevitable. He further shared with the students his professional experience across various cities such as Lucknow, Kolkata and Chennai, and how the learnings from these various locations played a huge role in modeling his personality.


Parthasarathy takes the young students through the lessons of his personal and professional life and emphasizes that, “The right choice is just a perception, and that making a choice is important”. Mr. Parthasarathy in his very candid talk, talk about the importance of building and nurturing a team, and the need to challenge oneself to achieve what is considered unachievable only then can one experience newer avenues.

He emphasizes on how people around him have played a crucial role in shaping his career and on the importance of empathy. In a two-hour candid conversation with the students, he shows how true leadership is not only about showing heroics but vulnerability as well

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