NMIMS Indore Empowers Students with Success Secrets from CSB CEO


Lavleen kaur kapoor

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The NMIMS Indore Samarthan Committee hosted a motivational and entrepreneurship seminar, featuring Mr. Anubhav Dubey, the founder, and CEO of Chai Sutta Bar. Approximately 150 to 200 students attended the event to learn from Anubhav Dubey's life journey, challenges, and success story.

As a first-generation entrepreneur, Anubhav Dubey inspired students with his experiences, and tips on differentiation, competition, self-doubt, and overcoming hardships. The seminar aimed to motivate students to become successful entrepreneurs by showcasing Anubhav Dubey's inspiring success story and providing a platform for interaction with successful entrepreneurs.

“Competition is a part and parcel of life,” said Mr. Dubey, while addressing the students. “Instead of being jealous of your peers, learn from them and hustle all the time.”

Dr. Aaquil Bunglowala, Professor & Associate Dean, NMIMS Indore said, “I am extremely proud of the students for organizing such inspiring events that bring industry experts and successful entrepreneurs to campus. These events not only provide our students with the opportunity to learn from real-world experiences but also help them gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities that exist in the world of entrepreneurship. The Samarthan Committee's efforts in organizing the recent Motivational and Entrepreneurship Seminar with Mr. Anubhav Dubey, Founder & CEO of Chai Sutta Bar, is a great example of how we are committed to preparing our students for success in the business world.”

NMIMS Indore expressed pride in the Samarthan Committee's efforts to bring industry experts and successful entrepreneurs to campus, providing students with valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities in entrepreneurship. The seminar empowered students to learn from real-world experiences and set benchmarks for performance and management techniques.

Overall, the seminar was a resounding success, providing students with an opportunity to learn and gain insights into the entrepreneurial journey. It also enabled them to interact with Anubhav Dubey and clarify their doubts, preparing them for success in the business world.

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