It has been a matter of great pride for the NMIMS Shohbaben Pratapbhai Patel School of Pharmacy & Technology Management (SPPSPTM) as two of their faculty, Dr Vaishali Londhe, M. Pharm, PhD, and PG Program Chairperson, and Dr Sarika Wairkar, Associate Professor, were recently granted the Indian patent, No. 411078, and patent No. 408059 respectively for their research works. While Dr Londhe’s work was titled, ‘Microneedles fabrication with enhanced drug loading and delivery systems’, Dr Wairkar research work was called ‘‘Topical Foam Composition Comprising Mupirocin’.

Dr Londhe’s patent is an outcome of SERB research grant (CRG/2018/003176), which discusses preparation of hydrophilic microneedles with increased incorporation of an antipsychotic drug, Iloperidone. Preclinical studies found that microneedle delivery of the drug increased the drug concentration and its duration in the blood and the brain, making it a breakthrough in treating schizophrenia as opposed to oral administration which showed slower therapeutic results. Currently, Iloperidone is available only in tablet form in the market.

Though further clinical studies need to be performed, the new formulation can prove to be a good alternative to the oral dosage form. “Schizophrenia is a chronic and severe mental illness that impacts the life quality of patients. The treatment is heavily reliant on drug and psychosocial support therapies. The new invention of iloperidone microneedles is set to bring new hope to patients suffering from the illness,” said Dr. Vaishali Londhe, PG program Chairperson, M. Pharm., Ph.D., SPPSPTM, NMIMS.


Meanwhile, Dr Wairkar’s invention is related to foam formulation of Mupirocin, a commonly used topical antibiotic in traumatic skin lesions and burn wounds. Currently, Mupirocin is commercially available as a cream formulation which needs to be applied by touching the skin or wound surface.

Here, she has prepared Mupirocin foam for topical application that has quick collapse time, good spreadability and superior antibacterial efficacy. It can be easily applied at the desired area without touching the wound. After successful conduct of clinical trials, it has been established that this advanced formulation can be used as an alternative to the conventional topical dosage form.

“This formulation was designed considering severe pain and infection of critical wounds, specially burn wounds where application of medicine is a difficult task and therefore, this formulation may substantially help in management of chronic wounds,” said Dr Sarika Wairkar, Associate Professor, SPPSPTM, NMIMS.

Commending Dr Vaishali Londhe and Dr Sarika Wairkar on being awarded the patents, Dean of SPPSTM, Dr Bala Prabhakar spoke about the school’s continued thrust on ground-breaking research. “We have always encouraged our faculty to undertake research that will make an impact on the pharma industry and the overall healthcare system of our country. These inventions by Dr Vaishali Londhe and Dr Sarika Wairkar will go a long way in simplifying treatment of schizophrenia and burn wound care. I wish them all the best and hope for more such innovative research work from the NMIMS School of Pharmacy. SPPSPTM has always focused on innovation and with these latest achievements, we are motivated to take our mission to impact global healthcare even further.”

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