Published: Monday, 04 July, 2016 11:07 AM

Orientation of 7th batch at IIM Raipur: Students get the real flavor of corporate life

IIM Raipur

The third day of the orientation program exposed the students to the real world they would step in two year from now. Address by Guest Mr. AnuragBatra, Chairman, Business World opened up various realms for the batch as they got key insights on entrepreneurship. MrBatra said, “The sole difference between successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs is their own belief in their ideas and ability.” Through a video, Mr. Batra stuck the right chord in the minds of students as to what only matter is self-belief. Even when the entire world doubts ability, if one is confident, success will follow. Passion and not capital is the key ingredient for the impeccable recipe of any business venture. Also he highlighted the importance of communication in today’s world and the need to create an impact in the mind of anyone we meet in our life. These small yet significant steps are what set some people apart from the mob.

Orientation of 7th batch | IIM Raipur

Later, the panel discussion on ‘Role of Consulting for Global Competitive Advantage’ involved Mr. Raj Raghavan, Director, Country HR Leader–India, Amazon; Mr. N RamaMoorthy, Managing Partner, Ogilvy &Mather and  Mr. Rajesh Gopal, Chief Analytics Office, Vertebrand Management Consulting moderated by Prof. Sumeet Gupta, Chairperson FPM, IIM Raipur. The enlightening discussion covered diversified fortes, which enabled the students to see the reality and learn how to avoid mirages on their course to success.

Orientation of 7th batch | IIM Raipur

Mr. Raj Raghavan, shared his experience of many years quoting how the world around us is changing with each day and the need of agility and inquisitiveness in the leaders of tomorrow. The entire market has been disrupted by the advent of E-commerce and no one knows what will disrupt E-commerce in times to come. Only those people and as a result organizations would be able to survive who can adjust ensuring the value they stand to deliver to the various stakeholders.

Orientation of 7th batch | IIM Raipur

Mr. N Rama Moorthy drew analogy of a soldier where the institute would give the students the right tool and techniques and it was totally up to them how they use them in their life. Talking about his forte i.e. advertising he emphasized the need for out of the box thinking and aligning the right roles and responsibilities matched with the personality of the individual.

Mr. Rajesh Gopal began his address with a question asking everyone about the difference in employability and employment. He further went on saying the sustainability of organizations can only be built by leaders who keep in mind the end goal. He made everyone contemplate for what they want to be remembered for post their death.

Orientation of 7th batch | IIM Raipur

This was followed by an interactive session where students posed their doubts to the industry experts. The queries ranged from how companies decide which product to advertise to how has the industry changed with the coming up of the field and the buzz word ‘analytics’. Also the young minds were eager to seek the qualities industry is looking for them to imbibe when they enter the corporate world.

During the morning Yoga session, Dr. Siddhi Sharma addressed the students and he said,

“Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared to believe that something inside them was superior to circumstances.”

The bright sunny morning at IIM Raipur began with these words of Dr. Siddhi Sharma where 210 young minds from across the country are going through the 3rd day of the orientation programme. Each day brings a tradeoff between allowing our minds to let go the miniscule tasks we do or to gradually build over them and aim for perfection. And from here germinates the seed of perseverance, a trait one needs to become a successful leader.

Orientation of 7th batch | IIM Raipur

With various team activities going on during the outbound programme later during the day, worth noting was the ardent zeal of the students to outperform others while imbibing the team virtues and dynamics at the same time. The sole idea of this outbound programme is to make them understand that it is always a team which is the winner and how each one’s contribution in any team holds value and aids in achieving the target.

The 7th batch of PGP at IIM Raipur consists of 33% females and 26% non engineering students which is commendable in terms of diversity at a B-School. Tomorrow is the last day of the four- day orientation programme.

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