PARIPREKSHYA - The Annual Finance and Marketing Conclave of IIM Amritsar

PARIPREKSHYA - The Annual Finance and Marketing Conclave of IIM Amritsar

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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Indian Institute of Management - Amritsar, is all set to go live with the fourth edition of its Annual Financial and Marketing Conclave, Pariprekshya. The Conclave is scheduled to be held on 3rd and 4th October this year in the VC mode for the Finance and Marketing themes, respectively. The Conclave aims to provide a platform where eminent industry stalwarts with all-encompassing experiences in the domains of Finance and Marketing can interact with the budding managers and reflect on the recent trends and developments in these domains.

The theme for the first-panel discussion this year corresponding to the Finance domain would be "Future of Venture Capital (VC) Activities." The theme would be focusing mainly on the technological developments and innovations and the long-term outlook of Venture Capital investing in India and around the globe. With the numerous challenges posed by the pandemic, the VC industry's future also poses pertinent questions like, how are the investors dealing with the extended investment horizons? What is the long-term outlook for Venture Capital Investing in India and around the world? Which industries will be the winners and losers in the post-pandemic world from an investor's perspective? What will be the role of technology at different funding stages and managing portfolio companies in their life cycle? The insightful panel discussions would be revolving around redressing these appurtenant questions.

The second-panel discussion theme corresponding to the Marketing domain would be "Marketing in the New Normal." The ongoing pandemic has significantly impacted the businesses and their communication strategies with customers. The panel discussion this year, therefore, would focus on the expected post-pandemic changes in consumer behavior, the role of analytics to capture these changes, adoption of these changes in new normal in the backdrop of companies fighting the battle of survival. The other discussion topics would include a shift in marketing strategies and tactics to catapult the companies on the growth trajectory, building a brand in the new normal while sticking to the core values.

Overall, with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic being rampantly visible on the global economy, newer industries are likely to come to the forefront. Simultaneously, the resilient ones are set to bounce back, and a few will not be able to sustain the current pandemic. The new normal might call for a shift in investment, resources, and, more importantly, their existing strategic plans. And to this end, the two-day panel discussion at IIM Amritsar would help prepare future leaders for the uncertainties in a dynamic business scenario.

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