The Cultural Committee of Institute of Management, Nirma University inaugurated its national level Cultural event; Management Fest, Perspective Richter 10 on 5th December, 2018. This marked the beginning of a 3-day long fest filled with events from varying domains. Prior to the inaugural of the event, The Cultural Committee organized various pre-events to amplify the excitement levels of the students. The first one being Carpe Diem, a fun filled night with music and the second being La Parade, wherein each club and committee walked with their flags that marked the beginning of the annual fest.

The Inaugural event of Perspective Richter 10, 2018, NirmaTatva started at around 10:30 AM on 5th December, 2018. The event began with Guru Vandana and Lighting of the lamp.

Ms. Nimisha verma

The first speaker for the session was Ms. Nimisha Verma, a motivational speaker, inspiring millions of people throughout the world. She uses a wide array of media, actively empowering artists around the country. Ms Verma kicked off the session by talking about her experiences with different cultures. She said that in the last couple of years, she had moved all around the country, having moved homes at least 50 times. She did this in pursuit of her dream of setting up a “House of Artists”, which she is now realizing by converting her own home in Jaipur to do the same. According to her, art has always been a way of personal expressions and emotions and should be enjoyed in their own sense as they are ever elusive.

Mr. Kapil

The second speaker, Mr. Kapil Kulshrestha , DY. CTO , Reliance Jio ,pioneers in bringing innovations to help people communicate better. He started by talking how Bhopal Gas Tragedy and Indira Gandhi assassination affected his life. He emphasised on the mantra of “ Believe in yourself and not follow the crowd, do the right thing”.  He also motivated the students to take their own decisions, grab opportunities and add passion into it.

The third speaker,  Mr. Yogesh Chabria, Founder of The Happionaire Way . He delivered his speech by giving a couple of strategies to move forward in life. According to him, Knowledge is a strong tool which automatically attracts wealth so we must invest in the knowledge. He gave us the example of Tom Sawyer to set an example on how human pshycology can be understood and things can be planned accordingly. He believes true success is when all fields are merged together without thinking about its ultimate results. He ended his session by quoting “ As the flowing river is exciting so is the life full of new experiences and learnings  .”

Mr. Piyush

The final and the most awaited speaker, Mr. Piyush Mishra, film and Theatre Actor, A man with thousand thoughts , A man with thousand Expressions, with each and every piece of imagination, Priceless and Precious ! He took the students through his journey from National School of Drama, Delhi to Bollywood. He energized and motivated the students by sharing how his passion led him to work hard in life and made him a theatre actor. According to him, following one’s passion is what helps him get a peaceful sleep at night. For him , it was theatre acting.  He narrated some of his famous poems. He concluded his session by singing  “ HUSNA” and “AARAMBH” . 

Followed by this , various events were organized throughout the day.

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