Published : Wednesday, 05 August, 2015 11:20 AM

‘Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed’. This famous quote by Dan Zarrella describes in simple words the current revolution in the marketing domain and the strong involvement of data in giving voice to customer demand and ensuring their engagement. In an attempt to further understand this relationship, Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management,Nashik (SIOM) conducted the Marketing Converge MarkOn’15 on 1st August. MarkOn is an annual gathering of seasoned leaders in the Marketing domain, who come together to share their views on the trends and practices prevalent today in the industry.

The first speaker of the day was Mr.Dharmendra Yadav (AGM Marketing | Idea Cellular Ltd) and he spoke on the topic ‘Telecom Industry: Big Data & Analytics’. Mr. Yadav spoke about the vast amount of data produced each and every single day by the telecom industry. He explained how this data can be processed and leveraged to the advantage of marketers, in developing service offerings for the consumer. The next speaker was Mr. Alok Ranjan (Marketing Head | Avasant : Global Management Consultants) who spoke on the topic ‘Marketing Technologist: Intersection of Marketing, Sales and Business Analytics’. Mr.Alok addressed the gathering about the exciting new profile of a marketing technologist, which is a hybrid profession born out of the confluence of marketing and technology.  He explained about how this profile is rapidly changing marketing strategy and management culture.

Event at B School - SIOM

The session was followed by an address by Mr.Vicky Biswas (Chief Technology Officer | Awfis) on ‘Marketing Revolution : Realizing the Power of Technology’. Mr. Biswas touched upon the technological tools currently used in the industry.He explained that with the rise of new digital technologies, marketers now have the ability to capture more information about their customers than ever before. The final session of the day was conducted by Mr.Subhankar Mukherjee (Senior Vice President, Head-Analytical Marketing, Campaign Operations and Alerts | HDFC Bank) on the topic ‘Gaining the most Marketing leverage from Predictive Analytics’. Mr.Subhankar discussed about the application of predictive analytics in the banking sector to analyze data and discover consumer patterns. He also explained about its usage in promoting cross-selling opportunities.

Apart from the keynote addresses, MarkOn also held pre-event competitions like MarQ, a quizzing competition and M’aze, a case study challenge. The contests saw overwhelming participation from the students, and the winners were awarded on the final day. 

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