A Symposium on Management Education and its Future Prospects was organised by Institute of Management, Nirma University on 23rd January, 2019. The purpose of this Symposium was to provide aspirants of management education insights that would help them in pursuing higher studies in this area.

Mr. Shreyans Mehta

The first speaker for the day was Mr. Shreyans Mehta, Founder, Catalyst King Maker Chess Academy. Sharing his views on the topic “Why MBA?”, he advised the students to develop clarity on what they wanted to do in life, and decide whether they should pursue an MBA.

Mr. Sajnani

Mr. Kamlesh Sajnani, MD, IMS Learning Resources, the next speaker for the session spoke on “Future Aspects of MBA”. According to him, the main reasons as to why one would choose to pursue a P.G. degree are “money, credibility & network”. He also highlighted the importance of hobbies, and the ability to learn through reading.

Mr. Chandrashekhar

Mr. Chandrashekhar Karlapudi, Center Director, Career Launcher addressed the students on the topic “English Language & Communication for Building Managers”. Explaining how research proved that managerial success and lingual proficiency were correlated, he gave the students ideas as to how they could improve their communication skills.

The second session started with the theme “How to build a Career” by Mr. Patrick D’souzza, Founder, Quoin Academy.

Mr. Manoj

Mr. Manoj Dawrani, Center Director, Career Launcher delivered his address on the topic “Personality Improvement to Aid Career Growth”. He advised the students to build on their strengths, and waste no time before they start doing that.

The last session for the day was taken by Mr. Gejo Srinivasan, Partner of CL Educate Ltd who spoke on “Find what motivates you”. He told the students that they will have to slog some time in their lives. Hence, it’s necessary for them to find their passion, and have a sense of duty 

All these sessions were extremely helpful for the students in bringing clarity to the young confused minds attending the sessions.

The event was organised under the guidance of Session Chairpersons Prof. Sameer Pingle, Prof. Ritesh Patel, and Prof. Shreshtha Dabral.

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