The inaugural edition TEDx IIM Amritsar was organised with the theme – Success is no Accident

TEDx IIM Amritsar was organised with the theme – Success is no Accident

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The inaugural edition of TEDx IIM Amritsar was organised on Wednesday with the theme – Success is no Accident, aimed at celebrating the motivating journeys of all those who held their grounds against all the odds and achieved their mark.

The speakers reflected on the zeal to pursue the passion and achieve subsequent success. The clarity of mind and the efficiency to process information is crucial to embrace diversity and shun judgements. An art cannot be mastered in one go and requires dedicated learning under proper guidance. An art can flourish if there is experimentation and vigour to explore.

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An unconventional career choice as per the norms of the society can easily be pursued through family support, passion for work and continued efforts. Difficulty in work life balance, hostilities and lineage issues can be overcome through sheer determination and will power. The recipe of success does not exist in cook books nor do the books that contain fuzzy definitions help us realize its true meaning. Through experiences in life, one can easily infer that success is not giving up, staying on course and applying common sense.

The speakers reminisced their encounter with passion and the incidents that spurred them to achieve the success. TEDxIIMAmritsar delivered on the tremendous promise and scope of learning for all of us.

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