“Worker’s Day” celebration at IFMR GSB

“Worker’s Day” celebration at IFMR GSB

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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People are and shall always remain the most valuable asset

Human beings are the most valuable asset of any organization. This is one of the many things IFMR-GSB believes in. Hence the “Worker’s Day” is celebrated every year in order to acknowledge, reward and thank all the staff-workers in the campus. The social outreach committee called “Samarthan” at IFMR GSB, Krea University, organised the fun filled event in the campus to celebrate the day and spend quality time with the staff in the campus.


The staff, students, volunteers and faculty gathered to take part in the event where people actively participated in the cultural programmes, games, dance, singing and other fun activities.


Occasions like this help in motivating the staff-workers and instill a sense of pride in the process of letting them reassure that they are important and integral part of the college family. It nurtures the MBA students towards being socially more responsible and better human beings in life while stimulating their Emotional Quotient (EQ), considered a key element in professional lives. 


IFMR Workers Day


It is an opportunity for all of us to express our gratitude towards them for their hard work and determination. Management acknowledges the contribution and also offers assistance and support they may be need for their families and children. We students do our bit and let them know that students and faculty members are available if they seek any help to pursue any areas of self-development or if their kids may need any help in their studies. 

Many of them come to the campus really early and sometimes stay late as their work may demand; hence it feels great to contribute something from our end as these are the people who work tirelessly to keep our college function efficiently. I was fortunate to be a part of this occasion organised by Samarthan and personally consider this as one of my most valuable and inspiring experiences.


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