On Monday, Mr. Sumir Lal, Director for External and Corporate Relations at the World Bank, Washington, DC, addressed the students of MICA. He heads the department that advises the World Bank’s Global Practices and operational units in strategic communication, advocacy, reputation management, stakeholder engagement, and leadership communication.


Mr. Lal commenced his talk by drawing attention to the way people look at communication as a part of Public Relations and not businesses. He explained that communication is an integral concept to achieve any business’ objectives. His belief is that businesses need integrated communications, not just locally or nationally, but also from a global perspective. Given the speed, span and reach of electronic communication, there are no purely local or national firms, only global ones.

He advised the students that “There is no such thing as general public, one must always know who they are communicating with”. He engaged in an interactive session with the students and focussed on the importance of communications amidst the changing realities and with the emergence of the digital world.


Ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity is at the heart of World Bank’s goals and Mr. Lal explained how all their actions are motivated by this prime goal. He also emphasized on the importance being given to the digital and social environment and World Bank’s conscious effort to maintain its presence on various social media platforms.

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