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School of Rural Management, XIM University, New Campus, Odisha, and RMAX, Rural Managers’ Association of XIM University, along with RM Career Advisory Services, hosted Abhivyakti' 21, from 30th-31st October 2021

The theme for the event was "Is Phygital the new normal? Implications for Business and Development".  Dr. Niraj Kumar, Dean, School of Rural Management, commenced the event with a welcome note. Post this, Prof Fr. S. Antony Raj, S.J., Registrar and Fr. Antony R. Uvari, S.J, Vice-Chancellor addressed the students.




The theme for the first panel was "Agriculture digitalization: future roadmap to instant solution for farmers."  The discussion revolved around Agri solutions and rural finance.




The topic for the second panel was "Reinventing offline marketing: Blueprint Sketch for New Normal." The speakers shared an overview of the current situation of the retail industry and how COVID-19 has affected it.




The topic for the third panel was "Scope of technology in Rural Development." The discussion revolved around National Education Policy 2020 and the transformation of the rural sector.

The topic for the last panel was "Post Covid: Transition and Innovative Banking Business." The industry stalwarts talked in brief about licensing of microfinance institutions.

The discussion ended with a Q&A session. The conclave concluded with a vote of thanks to all the dignitaries and attendees.

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