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Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar is delighted to announce its annual media conclave Communiqué is scheduled for the 10th October 2021.

IlluminatiX – the Media and PR Cell of XIM conducts Communiqué every year which hosts prominent names in the media and business as they share their knowledge and experience with the audience. As we geared up for Communiqué, we saw, especially throughout the pandemic, social media, trends, and ideas spread like a well-arranged stack of dominoes. Keeping that in mind, Communiqué 2021 has been themed “Domino Effect PR: Communication in the hands of the masses”.

Any information released to the world can create ripples and just like a well-arranged set of dominoes, leads to a chain reaction that could alter the landscape of media and PR. Today, the PR of an organization is at the fingertips of every customer, stakeholder, and spectator. This year’s theme revolves around how the changing landscape of PR, how the cause and effect of top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top channels of communication and how the deconstructed media enabling empowerment in the hands of the masses are affecting brands across the world and how they leverage this opportunity to build a stronger PR base in the eyes of the masses.

The 8th edition of Communiqué will host an esteemed panel of Mr. Samir Kapur (Director at Adfactors PR Communication Consultant), Ms. Bhavya Sharma (Associate Director, PR & Communications, Urban Company), Mr. Mudassar Hossain (Managing Partner, Ogilvy), and Mr. Prashant Sukhwani (Head of Brand & Communication, Burger King Corporation). These panelists bring vast experience from their respective domains. They will share valuable insights into the changing landscape of PR over the years and how they have stacked the dominos of such a delicate mechanism to ensure their brands stay on top of the chain. They bring with them their experience of leveraging situations which demand improvisation and understanding trends of the stakeholder relationships with each other and how it goes on to impact every brand connected in the chain.

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