XIMB organized Kickstart- An Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive


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Published : Monday, 13 July, 2015 11:44 AM

XSeed, the idea and initiative cell of XIMB organized "Kickstart- Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive 2015" on 12th July 2015. The aim of this drive was to raise awareness about entrepreneurship amongst the students so as to ignite in their minds the spark of entrepreneurship and encourage them to turn their dreams into reality. The speakers for the occasion were Mr. Chandrashekhar Mishra, Founder, Canyon Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. and Crux Power; Mr. Anshu Gupta, Founder, Goonj and Mr. Subasish Mishra, MD, Techno5 Ltd. and Joint Secretary, TiE Bhubaneswar.


XIMB - Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive 2015

The first speaker of the day, Mr. Chandrashekhar Mishra, discussed about entrepreneurship in India and the importance of partnerships. He also gave his valuable advice and insights on life. "We have to go back to our state and do our best" said Mr. Mishra, emphasizing on why he started his venture in Odisha and spoke about state wise brain drain. He encouraged people to try new ideas, be honest with themselves and to network more. He also shared the success story of his company, Crux power, inspiring the young minds present.

XIMB - Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive 2015

The next speaker was Mr. Anshu Gupta, a powerful orator and the recipient of the Social Entrepreneur of the Year award by Schwab foundation, sister concern of the world economic forum. He jolted the conscience of the audience with his presentation, which also included "Sochtahoon", a collection of pictures he has taken from across India coupled with powerful slogans. His speech was an eye opener, where he spoke about the sad state of the poor of our nation, targeting apathy and mindsets of people. He said there's no point of criticizing if one can't be a part of the process and also that it's important to push and not accept the status quo. He also recalled his personal experiences in Uttarkashi and Old Delhi, both of which had impacted his life.

XIMB - Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive 2015

The third and final speaker of the day, Mr. Subasish Mishra, spoke on the business side of entrepreneurship. He pointed out that earlier, people wouldn't have the courage to easily leave the job route and start their own venture, but nowadays the youth are a lot more enthusiastic about start ups. He spoke about his passion for entrepreneurship and his involvement in helping upcoming entrepreneurs with their start ups.

XIMB - Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive 2015

This was followed by an open house discussion where the speakers addressed the queries from the audience. Mr. AbidHussain, the coordinator of Xseed, presented the vote of thanks. It was an extremely enriching and inspiring session.

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