Published : Monday, 07 September, 2015 11:30 AM

XIMAHR, the HR committee of XIMB organized “Kshitij” 2015, their annual HR conclave on 6th of September. This year’s topic of discussion was “Emerging trends in Recruitment”. Eminent speakers from diverse industries graced the panel, which included Pradeep Deshpande, GM Talent Acquisition, Schnieder Electric, PriyaRanjan Prasad, COO and SVP, Essar Steel India Ltd., Simanta Mohanty, Executive Chief Consultant, Rashtriya Uchchatar Shikha Abhijan and Jayati Dwivedy, Recruitment Head, British Telecom. The discussion was moderated by Prof. D. P. Kar of XIMB.

Event at B School -  XIMB

The event started with the speakers officially launching the 9th edition of ‘HR Xpert’, the annual magazine of XIMAHR. The first speaker of the day Ms. Jayati Dwivedy said that that recruitment came to the forefront after the blast growth of the industries and then proceeded to describe the importance ofdiversity in the workforce, like gender, culture, geography, etc. She also spoke about the significant role Big Data is going to play in the field of talent acquisition. She concluded by talking about social media, channels and compliance.

The next speaker of the day, Mr. Pradeep Deshpande said, “Today, recruitment is much more than matching profiles and checking resumes.” Social media sites, especially LinkedIn has helped recruiters tap in to the huge pool of passive applicants and also understand important trends, like attrition. S.P.I.C.E is the internal social media collaboration platform of Schneider Electric, which Mr. Deshpande described to the students and explained how it helped his office to understand employees better.

Event at B School -  XIMB

The third speaker, Mr. Simanta Mohanty talked about the new  hunt for ‘Startup’ people in the market and gave insights on the challenges faced by the recruiters in today’s world, the most important being talent acquisition . He also highlighted the importance of creating a consumer experience for employees which will serve as a fulcrum of recruitment strategies. Besides social media like Linkedin, Facebook etc., the role of headhunters is crucial to the recruiters as they need to capitalize on the collective network of the group he said.

The last speaker for the day was Mr. Priya Ranjan Prasad, who described the TATA business excellence model and threw light on the strategy of talent acquisition of both white collared and blue collared workers. He spoke about the onboarding process and the cultural shock employees face because of changing jobs and the importance of mentoring and coaching in the whole process of recruitment. The importance of Engagement, that is the state of emotional and intellectual involvement with the organization and the process of positive and negative feedback is what he stressed on. He concluded by stating the role of training and development in the complete ambit of a successful HR system.

This was followed by a Questinnaie session with the students. After that, the winners of the article writing contest were announced: First prize went to Arka Chatterjee and Debangshu Bhattacharjee whereas Kavyashree M Hegde came second.

In the end, Prof. D.P Kar gave the vote of thanks and concluded Kshitij 2015.

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