XIM, Bhubaneswar, established in 1987, with a legacy spread across 30 years, has fostered an academic culture which has ensured that it maintains its standing as one of the top business schools in India. Over these 30 years, thanks to its pedagogy, XIMB has produced over 7000 alumni, some of who hold eminent positions across spectra of corporate houses.

The fast-changing landscape of the business world requires quality managers who can adapt with ease. To foster the future managers of this world, XIM, Bhubaneswar’s pedagogy is not just rigorous, but also dynamic, to cope up with the changing paradigms of the business scenario. Instead of following the archaic managerial model, XIM, Bhubaneswar regularly updates its curriculum to produce some of the finest managers of the country. The academic rigour and the meticulous planning behind it has resulted in XIM, Bhubaneswar jumping to one spot above when compared to its previous year ranking. Currently, XIM, Bhubaneswar is ranked at number 10, finding itself in the most coveted top 10 positions. In the Eastern Zone, XIM, Bhubaneswar stands at 3rd position, leaving behind IIM-Shillong and Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT-Kharagpur. It stands at 6th position among all the private B-Schools of the country.




XIM, Bhubaneswar’s sagacious approach in selecting the right candidates at the preliminary level plays a vital role in producing some of the best managers of this country. Having an average percentile of 92.5 and 92.58 in CAT and XAT respectively, XIM, Bhubaneswar ensures that only the sharpest minds get through the exhaustive process. XIM, Bhubaneswar has scored an impressive 145 points out of 220 in Selection Process and Institute Profile.

Apart from having a dynamic and rigorous curriculum, XIM, Bhubaneswar also boasts of an eclectic curriculum consisting of multilingualism and soft-skills to ensure that the students get a holistic platform to hone their skills in becoming a complete manager, which the country is in a dire need of. Having scored a staggering 132 points out of 180 in Academic Excellence, XIM, Bhubaneswar has once again proved its mettle.




In addition to its nonpareil pedagogy, XIM, Bhubaneswar’s state-of-the-art infrastructure has also tremendously helped it in securing a position in the top echelon of B-Schools in India. From modernized classrooms to vast playgrounds, XIM, Bhubaneswar provides ample space for the students to rejuvenate. With a massive score of 169 points out of 195 in Infrastructure and Facilities, XIM, Bhubaneswar’s infrastructure has left behind some of the well-known B-Schools of the country by securing the 6th rank across India.

Despite facing a lot of economic slowdowns and unpredictable market scenarios, XIM, Bhubaneswar has been able to consistently attract the most sought recruiters, both in India and globally. It’s academic rigour, holistic approach towards management, and ample space towards innovation makes it a top spot for the best recruiters. Braving against numerous odds only to come out victorious, XIM, Bhubaneswar scores a spectacular score of 208 points out of 270 in Placements and Graduating Outcome. Overall, XIM, Bhubaneswar stands at 8th position on basis of Placement across India.

Also, XIM, Bhubaneswar is one of the few B-Schools in the nation which has been able to excel at maintaining a healthy gender ratio, leaving behind many of the top B-Schools behind. With its female population at 31.59%, XIM, Bhubaneswar is one of the most diverse B-Schools in the country.

Having come a long way, the only direction from here for XIM, Bhubaneswar is forward. The highly demanding business world which keeps changing in the blink of an eye requires a proactive curriculum which can make the students better equipped to venture into unchartered waters. With this commitment in mind, XIM, Bhubaneswar has taken strides to become a pioneer in managerial studies. The journey has just begun.


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