BrandScan'12 organised by TAPMI

BrandScan organised by TAPMI

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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The much awaited market research fair of the year- BrandScan 2012, in its 20th Year, by T. A. Pai Management Institute was inaugurated on October 27, 2012 in its campus in Manipal. The research has been extended to three places this year namely Mangalore (Mall Format), Manipal (Fair Format) and Kundapur (Rural Format). 
The event was inaugurated in a traditional fashion by a prayer song and the lighting of the lamp following which the Director of TAPMI, Dr R. C. Natarajan delivered the welcome address. The student conveners introduced the agenda of Brand Scan 2012 to the audience.
The chief guest of the day, Mr. Ravi Sheshadri, VP and Chief Compliance Officer, Bharti Axa Life Insurance, was introduced by Prof K. J. Jaims.  Mr. Ravi then delivered the keynote address and he spoke on the expectations on future managers in the corporate world. He also stressed the importance on launching businesses in tier 2 and tier 3 cities and rural markets.
City centre mall in Mangalore was looking festive with TAPMI students. The stalls were filled with people eager to participate in the games. The stalls had themes from famous songs and dances viz: Gangnam and movies like Hum Tum, Avatar, etc. There were also general themes like weddings and sports. The stage in the first floor of the mall was active with impromptu competitions like karaoke, lucky dips and push up contests to name a few.
The highlight of the event however was the flash mob where more than sixty students came together and put their dancing shoes on. Eventually, the crowd also joined and started grooving to the popular tracks. Flipkart, the official sponsors were innovatively promoted by the students, who flaunted their official Flipkart t-shirts all through the events.
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