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Published : saturday, 25 October, 2014 02:05 PM
India is entering a phase which comes, but rarely in a nation’s history. Demographic dividend which India can bank upon is a strong economic weapon, albeit self-destructive, if not properly channeled. About half of India’s population is under 24 years and 472 million below 18. These youngsters would need avenues to fulfill their ambitions, get jobs and secure their family. With the IT boom gradually subsiding and jobs drying up, we need to strive for innovative ways which while boosting our economy would create sufficient jobs to absorb these teeming millions. Enterprise-led development is one such way which has been applauded as a key paradigm to bring about grassroots development. Jagriti Yatra is one such initiative to create entrepreneurs who will follow the path of Enterprise-led development in their lives.
Jagriti Yatra is a 15-day long national train journey, conducted by Jagriti Sewa Sansthan, a non-profit organization, which circumnavigates India in a specially chartered train. It covers over 8000 kms crossing 12 rivers and 4 mountain ranges. Every year, from December 24th to January 8th it takes 450 aspiring entrepreneurs (with some participation of international students), selected from thousands of applicants, who come from smaller towns and villages of India. Approximately 40% of the selected candidates are women. The Yatra showcases inspiring entrepreneurial stories by taking young Indians to meet the social and business entrepreneur role models. These role models, located around the country particularly in rural and semi urban India truly demonstrate how social and economic enterprises have succeeded in rural India. The vision is – “Building India through Enterprise” by exposing the youth to individuals and institutions that are developing unique solutions to India’s challenges.
This journey of Enterprise-Led Development is designed to create a movement to build India by its citizens. It provides young Indians a positive outlet for their energies; employment for them while creating jobs for many others.
One may or may not need be an entrepreneur to apply for the Yatra. But one needs to have potential and strong urge to become an entrepreneur. Till now more than 250 Yatris have turned entrepreneurs. Being a part of the Yatra, one gets a chance to directly get involved in nation-building activity and around 51% of the Yatris are doing so. There are Yatris, from non-urban regions, who have started small ventures on their own and are successful too.
Anyone over 20 years of age can apply for the Yatra. There are two categories of Yatris:
• Participants: Youth between 20-27 years of age
• Facilitators: Experienced professionals above 25 years of age
Selections are not based on educational qualifications. To be a Yatri, exam results are not looked upon; rather abilities, motivations and values of the candidate are considered. The candidates’ ability to think creatively, their understanding of India’s pressing problems, and the commitment and approach to solve these problems are considered during selection..
To join the Yatra one needs to fill up an application form on www.jagritiyatra.com/register, and fill in some personal details and answer a few questions. Applications are accepted in English / Hindi only. There is no fee for applying for the Yatra. Scholarships are available for deserving candidates who get selected for the Yatra. 450 candidates are selected.
You could be one among them. So hurry! Submit your application at the earliest. The last date for submitting your applications is 31st of Oct'2014.
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