Academic Excellence through Improved Teaching Learning Process - FDP organized by IIM Raipur

Academic Excellence through Improved Teaching Learning Process - FDP organized by IIM Raipur
Published : Wednesday, 10 September, 2014 03:35 PM
IIM Raipur
Academic Excellence through achieving excellence in research and improving Teaching-Learning Process were the themes for the second day of the FDP program which is being organized by IIM Raipur under TEQIP-II. (Technical Education Quality Improvement Program). The day’s event centered around comprehensive session by Prof. Sumeet Gupta and by Prof. PRS Sarma.
The day started with session on ‘Writing Research Proposals & Managing Research Grants and Publishing in Top Quality Journals by Prof. Sumeet Gupta. He began with an experiential learning session on how research projects are being carried on by the faculty members in various institutes. The participants themselves shared various aspects of an effective research proposal as well as identified the major components of a research proposal. Ground realities in managing research proposals and grants were discussed at length during the session. 
In the second session, Prof. Gupta discussed about key aspects of publishing in top journals. For a substantial portion of the session, he focused on identifying fake journals and conferences from the true ones. He stressed that at institute level a distinguishing criteria for publishing in good journals must be established and the practice of publishing in paid journals must be discouraged. He ended with a discussion on the important elements that a top journal looks for in a paper submission. 
The post lunch session was conducted by Prof. PRS Sarma on “ImprovingTeaching - Learning Process. Prof. Sarma stressed upon the importance of ‘good teaching’ and a ‘reflective teacher. He explained that good teaching is the one that is well planned where all activities are interrelated with each other. Good teaching should provide learning experiences or situation that will ensure understanding, application and critical thinking and where the learner is stimulated to think and reason. This is an essential requirement for Outcome Based Education System.
He also stressed on the fact that learning and teaching go together. Value placed in teaching will reap the same value in learning. A good curriculum can be judged by the kind of teaching and the quality of learning derived from it. He further said that a reflective teacher is one who respects the wonderful range of multiple talents and capacities of all individuals regardless of cultural intellectual or gender differences. He urged all the participants in his lecture on “Feedback for Self Development” to be open to receiving the feedback: recognize that feedback is a good way of finding out how others perceive you and of learning about one’s own style of managing. He requested all participants to transform themselves from being a teacher to facilitator and then from facilitator to potentiatorto derive Academic Excellence.
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