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Published : Friday, 18 July, 2014 04:25 PM
IIM Raipur has always focused on creating managers with a global outlook. Internationalisation has always been a key strategic goal of IIM Raipur from its incorporation. 
To achieve this goal, IIM Raipur has started yet another endeavour of providing financial grants to up to 20 students.Under this provision, each selected students will receive up to 1.5 lakh of grant, either to participate in reputed International Events or international student exchange Programme. This grant will bear a major portion of student’s expenditure.
Announcing the scheme, Prof. BS Sahay, Director – IIM Raipur stated that in today’s era of Globalization, the country needs managers who have a deeper understanding of not just the Indian Businesses, but also business around the Globe. As the dynamics of global business environment continues to force organisation to be agile and adoptive, the business education pedagogy also needs to continuously change. There is a growing understanding among academics and employers that education in a global context can give students competitive edge in this challenging time. Multiculturalism is a highly desirable attribute for global managers. 
IIM Raipur fundamentally believes; rather than introducing the international issues to students as a finite, one-time acquisition of skills, global citizenship must be taught as a way of life. Managing relationships in cross-cultural settings is now a paramount requisite for management. As a result, apart from student’s analytical ability in functional domains of management, softer skills such as cross-cultural sensitivity, developing global mind-set and ethical standards are now increasingly receiving attention in IIM Raipur’s curriculum. To this end IIM Raipur is encouraging and supporting both students and faculty members to participate in international Programmes. The current grants will help meritorious students to participate in the student exchange programme without any constraints. In international student exchange program students will undergo one academic term of their PGP Programme at International Partners institutes, located at different continents.  As a reciprocal move, international partner institutes would also send an equal number of students to IIM Raipur.
Considering the benefit of such exchange, IIM Raipur has ambitiously expanding its international network to various reputed institutions worldwide. Currently, IIM Raipur partners with Grenoble Ecole de Management, Grenoble; IESEG School of Management, Paris; HHL Graduate School of Management, Leipzig; ALBA Graduate Business School, Athens; Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand;  
IPADE Business School, Mexico City; Yonsei University, Seoul; The University of Newcastle, Australia. 
Prof.Sahay stressed that the selection of international partners is a key growth strategy for IIM Raipur. IIM Raipur only considers those institutions who have established their credentials through accreditations and research. That makes like-minded institutions to collaborate and share academic resources for mutual benefits. Internationalisation Process is also extended to faculty exchange and Joint academic programmes which can benefits research and PhD equivalent Fellow Programme at IIM Raipur. International events such as business case presentation generally ask students to contribute their knowledge in solving a pressing problem at various levels of business enterprise and society. By participating in these events students learn to manage and solve practical challenges and hone their ability to manage global enterprises.
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