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Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Bengaluru has just concluded Utthaan– Little feet,Big strides, the flagship event of the Social Responsibility Committee.The Institute hosted the event for 120 children across 3 orphanages -ShishuNivas, Belaku and AnanthaShishuSewashram.
‘Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven.’ There cannot be a more true statement made. SIBM Bengaluru came forward to join hands and host an event for the underprivileged children on campus. The theme - “Little Feet, Big Strides” was truly justified by the enthusiastic participation from the children.  SIBM Bengaluru was embellished with cartoon characters all around. The campus was colored with the essence of the event as it stood adorned in the reminiscence.The prime motive of the event was to make a difference in the lives of those children and make them believe that the world is a big family which is in keeping with the motto of Symbiosis – The world is one family.  
The event was inaugurated by the President of Rotary International Club, Indira Nagar, Mr. Sanjay Koppikar, Mr. Shiv Shankaran of Rotary Club, Deputy Director Dr.V.VAjith Kumar, and Social Responsibility Committee Coordinator Aditya Chiruthapudi and so commenced the grandeur. 
The day-long event began with the melodies and moves of the little ones. The students and faculty members enjoyed the performances by the children who won over the hearts of everyone with their enthralling moves. The amphitheatre was alive with dramas and monoacts by the children.
After the performances, came the drawing competition where the canvas went vibrant with the wide imaginations.This was followed by various games like Ring-O-Ring, Puzzles, Traffic Awareness, Buzzer, Lemon Spoon, Bucket and Spongeand Balloon burst. These games were played in the groups of five with each group having two mentors to help and guide them. The winners of the Sit and Draw competition were Group 1,Nandini and Mohnesh, Group2 Triveni and Adishakti and Group 3, Abhijth and Latha. The prizes for the event brought big smile on the faces of little children. The chain of events concluded with a thrilling Magic Show, where the children found themselves sitting in a wonderland. Later, Jhankaar, the dance club of SIBM Bengaluru, performed for the children.The children were given goodie bags before leaving the campus.  
Sponsors & Partners included: Unibic, TATA Tele services, Four Points and Niligiri supermarket.
Prof. Neelima Watve,Faculty Mentor of Social Responsibility Committee, SIBM Bengaluru said, “The event enlightened with the message that how sharing a little happiness of our life can bring a lot of happiness in the lives of small blossoms.”
Aditya Chiruthapudi, Co-ordinator of Social Responsibility Committee, SIBM Bengaluru said, "It was an exhilarating and satisfying experience to host such an event at SIBM-B Campus. Each one of us tried to make a small difference in the lives of these innocent souls. I will look back at Utthaan2014 with considerable pride for making an effort to bring a smile to the faces of the young ones”.
About SIBM Bengaluru: 
Ever since its inception in 1978, SYMBIOSIS has been synonymous with progress. The trend of progress has been continued by setting up of SIU’s first campus outside Maharashtra at Bangalore in 2008. SIBM Bangalore provides a holistic approach to management. 
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